I Am So Confused.

So me and this guy have been very on/ off but mainly on for the past 7 years and i found messages to a gay guy (who is also engaged) that were explicit and not easy to read. I confronted him about it he said nothing had ever happened and life went on. Until recently when they've both started writing these messages back and forth to each other again-they start off normal and then go into greater detail. However he's replying and deleting them which leads me to believe he is hiding something, i don't know what to do, I'm scared of confronting him again-because last time didn't go down to well. But he's definitely hiding something by deleting them straight away and why would he be messaging a guy if there was nothing to gain from it? Can someone help me please? He also sent pictures and received pictures-to this guy and from this guy of their bits.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

U know EXACTLY what ta do, yur just afraid ta DO IT!

What are you asking?...for us to tell what you already know?...okay well your man is interested in other men also and I'd you feel like you can't talk to your partner after 7 years there is a big disconnect and if after 7 years communication isn't solid... When do you throw in the towel?...dong settle go find someone who first isn't gay and second will love you the way you deserve

Oh my God! Your "boyfriend" is definitely showing you his gay side. Please open your eyes and be brave. He is either having actual sex or at least sexting and maybe cyber sex. You don't really have to confront him. Just decide if this is something you can put up with or not. If not, you ought to consider breaking things off with him. You're young; you'll find other(hopefully straight) guys.