Just a Feeling.....

It's a feeling I get every so often that makes me wonder if my boyfriend is Gay.  It may be something he says or does that gets me thinking. Maybe I'm crazy, but, once again.....it's a feeling that I sometimes can't get rid of that claws at my stomach. God forbid I ever ask or bring up the subject. All hell would break loose! 
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My boyfriend twice have said on the phone, "we are 2 men that are mature enough in this relationship..." I wonder why he said that, does this means he is used to be with another men and for this reason he said so? instead of saying we are a man and a woman...also when I first started going out with him(he is the nephew of a friend of my uncle) he said he knows a lot of gay friends who told him how the have sex between each other. He is a truck driver and once when I questioned a man who is now a woman with his private parts of a woman, he said then is not longer a man is a woman. Also, he says where he lives(he's been living there about 4 months) they think he is gay because sometimes he wears pink... also he says that some women when he is far away driving his truck wants with him and he says he is gay to take them off his back....he's been married before and has 2 kids and also lived with a woman 5 yrs another time. Now he is with me but we don't live together... One day I had a dream and I told him I dreamed with the ****** and homosexuals at the truck stop...he said "are you implying I have double personality?" One week ago, I was telling him tha my luck is such that I twice I married bad guys and that I don't really know him but I don't think he can be a criminal, child molester...then he said maybe I find out that he has double personality and find out he is gay and I find him one day with another men kissing in bed...I told him not to joke like this...also when I am on the phone with him when he is far away, I heard him telling the other drivers bye and that he will have wet dreams with him, he doesn't care that I heard this....any comments? also I find him very different than other men in the aspect that one day he wanted to be with me and he wouldn't care about me being in my period...when we make love he will be like other men and he will go down on me... I have to say that he is a very special man but if it wasn't for all these things I am mentioning here, I wouldn't think he is gay...any comments?

If you can't discuss issues that are important to (both of) you, then why are you in the relationship ?

maybe society is telling you if a man act a certain way then he is gay. follow your gut instinct:)

What sort of things does he say or do?