Help! I Need to Know If My Boyfriend I Live With Is Gay!!

I need to know if my boyfriend is gay! I feel as if i have a thing for gay guys and i do not want to. I dated a guy on and off for four years and from the start i thought he was gay. i even sat him down and told him i thought he was gay but i still liked him but if he wanted to come out and talk to someone about it he could tell me. no one, i mean no one that knew him thought he was gay but me except after last july 4th he was at my apartment and i caught this other guy that is openly gay sucking his ****! and the gay guy admitted to my friend they had sex the previous night! now they all believe me....but heres for my current boyfriend. He doesnt dress gay. He doesnt appear to be gay but hes really shy. wait ok ill just jump into it. one night i was joking around and i was like stop being bad or ill shove a viberator up your ***! and he didnt say anything...then later i said again to not be bad and he was like come on...i didnt get it at first then he told me he was always curious about anal sex. ok i can understand a guy putting it in a girls butt....but penitrating his *** hole..??? umm i dont know about that. so i keep trying to get it out of him if hes gay. hell show me that hes not but then the hole butt thing has just really been freaking me out. another thing is a trust him a lot. too much. more then i ever have trusted a guy and its weird. Sometimes i even have fantasys of him with other that weird or wrong? i have no idea what is going!

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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

just because a guy likes anal stimulation doesn't mean he is necessarily gay. he has obviously been thinking about things though.