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Ok....for Real

Perhaps it is Minxie's 10 word stories and tension causing teasing, Ediez' soulful hilarity, Sonnet's Irish Potato Voodoo, LG's innocent hotness, Maj's insightful smartassery, Penn's assless chaps and likemindedness, Beau's dry "wet" humor, Cuppa's photo's, Muffin's scissoring, Dente's manic sarcasm or all the other little tidbits from each of my circle (if you are not named you are no less in my eyes) but this group actually is fairly definitive of my feelings.....You all....and my total lack of self control...are what keep me coming back to EP.

goliathtree goliathtree 46-50, M 9 Responses Aug 7, 2012

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I wrote this back in August of 2012 after I had been here for over a year. Quite a few in my circle are gone and many don't come around much anymore. Since that time, I have added some fantastic circle mates and had plenty of laughs with them. Meaningful conversations and not so meaningful conversations have made EP sort of a haven for me. I am sorry that it has gone down the road that it has. I will leave this story here because even if you are not named in it, you mean something to me.

Ep seems lonely nowdays :'(

Boy.....this post is so short...doesn't say very much to the naked eye.....but to me its filled with fun memories....sad and heartbreaking moments....and right now my eyes are filled with many things have happened since this was written...cuppa...gone...joey...gone...ediez...gone.....LG..finally taking back her life...I think I shall save this remember those nights we spent the hours laughing our assets off at the most ridiculous crap...and being there for each other when no one else was.

Uhm...*****....thought assets works too lmao

I am saving it too.

Wow. Like minds, man. I was totally gonna write a love note to my circle titled "Dear Circle Jerks". my other story in the group......

Whatever we all know its muffins scissoring that keeps you coming around.


She does crafts?

I think mostly nips and tucks... not sure ... Goliath will know much more than I

I mean scissoring...she makes scrapbooks and stuff?

yes...she is crafty.....

Hahahaha! Kitty, Im rollin

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I just realized that the term "circle-jerk" is in the group name

lmfao.....The logo should have been a fire pit...lmao

See? Without me and my genius around no one may have ever caught that...its your sub-conscious thinking about Penn and Maj :P

Somewhere I posted that were were planning a *********.

Ive read their "faggotry" as Maj says lol..funny!

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(and this is for all of you even if you aren't named.....)

It was the voodoo that got me the mention wasn't it? Damn I'm good! ;) <br />
<br />
P.s Smooches Goliath a million. <3

just don't stick the pin quite so deep next time....

we love you for your everything. :)

This has made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

can i feel? *waits to be slapped* ;)

Slapped?......PUHLEASE! many times do i need to tell ya?...*points to tush* feel right there.... hehe

hold on Cuppa....let me move my hand......

*squints* fuzzy?

i think she means busty. hehe

I think this is where the bush story begins.

My bush has really gotten overgrown since this story....I might need some scissoring...*wink*

did I mention that I have fine barbering skills?

...I need a professional landscaper here....its a jungle in there....

I am certain I could find a way in.

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