Tell Me About It

Tell me about it!! Every time I get a crush on someone - namely my best friends brother jake - they always seem to be going out with someone dirt ugly. I'm not that gorgeous, but I am quite pretty.

    But being totally bitchy won't make them like you more. I guess he DOES like her for her personality..but if you act like this he'll think you're personalitys rubbish. DON'T give him naked pics of yourself!! This is just letting him take advantage..tell him you can't do it if he treats you this way. He'll never ask you out if you come across as too easy.

Baybeebarlow Baybeebarlow
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2007

Do you ladies know there are guys dying to talk to you and so afraid. So Jake's gf has a winning personality or an especially available esophagus.<br />
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And yeh we are so visual, even you girls. And we get so attached. BFD look around. Go get some practice on the geeks or the semi-pros.

I hate this one new ***** who just come to my freaking school and takes the boy I liked evry sence the beging of the year and she tock him right at the moment I was about to ask him out and she comes! Oh yeah did I tell you...she looks like a ******* man! HE CAN DOOO SO MUTCH BETTER and I feel your pian.