Well I know hes ruining our family, My mom and I both hate our lifes because of him... I guess Ill start with my side of the story... So I was in cyber school for my final year of school but it didnt work out so I failed,, I expected him to throw me back in public school but he never did, Then My best friend and his family were going to pay my fare to fly out and live with them and finish school with them even my other best friend moved out with them when they first went down there and he did finish school with them just like I could have.....But nooo my dad couldnt have that for no reason he wouldnt allow me to go i thought it was bc he was going to make me go back to my old school.....wrong............. he never did anything just acted like my problems didnt exist and i was just a pet to feed. so now im 21 and a highschool dropout bc of him, he never taught me how to drive, or even got me the study guide to get your permit, but never hesitated to degrade me when I needed a ride somewhere... He also has gambling problems like really badly Id say on minimum he spends 100 bucks a day on scratch offs. Yet now this very week we have to sell my mom SUV because he didnt pay the power bill somehow and its gonna get shutoff for a long time if we dont pay it....Like how could he let the power bill slide??? why not just skip the internet or tv bill, or Stop Gambling all the money away.......If Someone is still reading this thank you but it gets worse..... Last week we were all in the living room and my dad mentioned how we got the wrong mail, my mom gave the only logical reason to why they mess up the mail in the trailer park, but he belittled her by saying "Theres no way thats it!"... I couldnt take that ignorance so I said its the ONLY!! way it happens we already know this it happens every couple weeks" Moms right!" I said then he replied with "Cus your soooo Educated!"........This ate at my bones I was willing to kill him and myself so my mother can have a peaceful Life the only reason I didnt do it that day is Im unsure how it would really affect my Mother because He took her off his bank Account secretly a couple years ago, my mom found out while she was out with my sister and the bank refused her money saying she signed off on the joint account when she didnt even know about it.... So I dont know if my mom would get any money or even have ownership over the house or the car because of him.... My Dads is soo controlling, He took my mom off the account so she has to depend on Him! hes forced her to quit her jobs saying hes making so much money she doesnt have to work, then a couple weeks after she would quit bills wouldnt be paid. He Wouldnt let me live with my longest and best friends family and him to Graduate high-school. No matter how wrong he is, hes never wrong... even if facts!!! stack up against him it doesnt matter if he has a certain version in his mind thats all that matters because its his thought or idea. The only person I love on this Earth is my Mother and im not strong enought to save her! I need help!!! We Want to leave my dad soo bad but I dont even have an ID!!! my Mom has no car now or bank account we are litterally trapped!!! Even my dog hates my dad he can sense the evil and Hostileness that comes from him body language and often keeps him away from my mom and I My dad acts like its just my dogs fault he snarls and barks at him but I've even tried explaing to my dad its his body language his thoughts, etc. IM the only one who trained my dog and read books and looked up online and have even talked to a specialist before but whenever it came down to issuses with our dog my dad would say **** you I paid for him... and How would you know what to do" even tho i would say ive researched he wouldnt care just go throw both his ears...... Idk What much else to say I know theres pages worth but im to blocked up to think straight.....Basiclly hes a Tyrant and were just his prisoners........omg Just typing that He also works at a prison has for 10 years now he makes 25 bucks an hour and has over time at least every week... but he works at a prison we are quite litterally his personal prisioners he has even more control over and being twisted like he is he must love it.....When I got in an agruement with him because he said "Theres no way thats it!" and i said "Its the only logical answer" he decided to punish my mother that week, started cursing at her for doing nothing,,, made a big scene about her leaving wet clothes in the washer too long before drying them then did the same thing multiple times and my mom asked him why he did what she got yelled at for and all he said was **** you! and walked away, then for more punishment He normally would give here 500 dollars to go food shopping for the whole family and dog for 2 weeks time, he got paid every 15 days. but still even with that much my mom would barely have enough so since i corrected him he sent her out with 180 dollars to do with what she struggled even with 500......We need help... boy would it be great if Oprah read this..... but Idk what to do I wanna kill him and myself if i can if it means my mom would be able to live on........ PS. my dads gambling is so bad hes owned money to inmate or guards at his work and made me sell drugs for him so he can go into work without being laughed at or someshit, my mothers behind me right now crying bc of him hes selling her truck she paid 5,000 for for 400 bucks bc he said he made a mistake on the power bill!!! like thats not even logical to make 400 of somehting they just finished paying on not even 2 months ago.... He could have just not gambled for a week but no!!! And now without a car my mom can literally do nothing How are we suppose to leave him with no money, Car, or Passports or ID or bank accounts???? I've heard my mom say the words I never in my life wanted to hear "I hate my life, im sorry but i really do." Im thinking bout either robbing/stealing a bunch of money so we can run away,,, or im gonna kill my dad and myself, or I can pray for more strenght and I would sacrafice my body and life Cage fighting for her.....please i need some guidance
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