Over 2 years ago I lost my mum. I was 10 at the time and it was the worst pain I had ever felt. Once she passed it was just me, my dad and my younger sister. I have a few aunts but they dont really understand and they aren't in my town which means traveling or a text when I need advice. My dad holds himself together pretty well and in the last year has set up his own buissness. We regularly talk about her and have pictures of her all over the house. My dad is pretty lonely and only really has me and my sister for company I feel as though we are holding him back. He doesn't do anything with his friends anymore. I am fine with him getting back in the dating scene and have tried to convince him to do so, he won't though and it makes me sad. I don't like the fact he doesn't have anyone any more. The thing is my mum wanted him to move on, I don't want him to replace her neither does he I just want him to be happy. He says he likes it just the three of us but I know he'd much rather have her there holding her hand celebrating there 20th wedding anniversary. When we talk about it he gets rid of the topic pretty quickly but how do I tell him he's aloud to find someone, someone that has lost as well. Should I keep the topic to myself and not bother him about it?
alishyahand alishyahand
16-17, F
Sep 2, 2014