He Doesn't Do Anything, Mooches Off Me........

I've come to realize, not just this dog, but every dog I've ever had was smarter than me.

Think about the following things I've done for my dog that I wouldn't do or have done for myself:

Buy my dog the food he likes:

When I was a kid, if I turned my nose up at something, my mom made me eat it anyway,  If my dog doesn't want to eat something, I go buy something else that I know he likes.

Get him a little brother:

I was an only child, and would have given ANYTHING for a little brother,  I noticed about four years ago that my dog seemed lonely, so I got him his own dog!

Get a bigger bed:

That's right, I upgraded to a king sized bed from a queen, just so there would be room for more dogs on the bed.

Call the doctor in the middle of the night:

If I wake up coughing, throwing up, whatever I figure I can tough it out and see if "it clears itself up"  If my dog gets the slightest sniffle, or throws up or can't poop, whatever, we're off to the vet, no matter what time of night, or day of the week it is.

Go to work:

I get up at the asscrack of dawn, 5 days a week to go earn a living.  My dog growls because it's too early to be awake and tries to race me back to the bedroom to get on the bed before I can close the door.  He then sleeps all day (I have webcam footage to prove it) and expects to be fed as soon as I walk through the door at night.

Catch & cook my own food:

I love to fish, and I love to eat the fish I catch:  There was a squirrel in our backyard last fall, I told my dog "go get it"  he looked at me with the "dude, it's a wild animal, I could get hurt!" look and proceeded to roll over so I could rub his belly. I rewarded this behavior with not only a belly rub, but with a snausage as well.

Based on the evidence above, I think we can conclude that my dog, like every one before him is smarter than me.

InLoveWithSomeonesOther InLoveWithSomeonesOther
31-35, M
Feb 25, 2010