So My Wife Says

 But now she has joined EP, I may just have to wrestle her for the laptop. (Josh certainly isn't giving up his computer for the adults - who may accidently delete something important)

To be fair, we live out of town and if Naomi doesn't have telephone contact she may not see anyone all day unless she is visiting clients for Natural Therapies.

The government has recently allowed out-of-town folk access to satellite broadband internet, at a modest price., because it was embarrassed that Australian internet coverage was published as the equivalent of a third world country.  This embarrassment has cost them $2.6Billion.

The whole telecommunication network has had an overhaul because the the lives lost in the fires earlier this year could have been saved if people got the message to get out, rather than dial the emergency services and then be "put on hold"

I have been fortunate to have made some outstanding friendships here on EP.


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2 Responses Oct 24, 2009

Hey I here you have fantastic internet access and top speed downloads !<br />
<br />
Here, a house with cable for internet as opposed to just a telephone line , will start a bidding frenzy at an auction !!!!

Hey, I'm just impressed that the Australian Government was embarrassed enough to do something for it's people.<br />
<br />
That's the problem with the U.S. Government, they're never embarrassed to do anything!