Family Secrets...

Do you have or know/suspect someone who has a secret "other" family? Maybe you have a secret life you'd want to reveal to your loved ones but needs help? I came across this group and was hoping for a little of your time!

I’m working with the producer and production company of the series, “Intervention."  We’re working on a new documentary series about people who are living with secrets and are genuinely interested in finding healing in their lives. We are extremely discreet and non-exploitative, and respect the sensitivity of everyone's experience.

If you are interested in sharing your story or may know someone, please email or call 818.461.1635.

Thanks for your time!
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1 Response Aug 19, 2011

i have tons of stories, broththers who slept with other bro's wife they have 2 kids other brother just found out hes been paying childsupport for his brothers kids. my sisters boyfriend molested me when i was8 or 10 i never told til i was 16 and by then they had married.everyone said i should keep my mouth shutnow i wonder if he might possily molest his owng randdaughters my brother is stealing my mothers money shes in a home for alzheimers and he is a gambler alcoholic the only sister i do talk to runs and tells the rest everything i do and say and they all think im adrug addict (i do do some drugs but m a very good person compared to them. i am glad to be the black sheep that has always meant to me that i am not like them.