Where the hell I came from? I don't look like my siblings or parents and the only one I have anything in common with is my little sister and that's because she says I taught her well. :)

My mother is a small Cuban woman and my father is a tall redneck. My siblings all have brown hair, dark eyes and sun kissed skin. I have red undertones, pale skin sprinkled with freckles, green/gold eyes and a totally different body type. I just don't get it... switched at birth? milkman? who knows anymore

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Genetics are a funny thing. I'm indian/German. Four of my siblings are light skinned, blondish, and have blue or green eyes. <BR><BR>My other brother and I have darker skin tones more like the indian side of the family, dark hair, and grey eyes. Dad's name is on the birth certificates so I'm going with he's the man.

hey darlin'... yeah if you saw us all together I kinds stand out a bit. Funny part is my brother has four children, three of which match mine exactly. That olive skin and chocolate eyes and then he has this one blonde with blue eyes and we all know it's not his natural child but he's not fighting it and neither are we. She's just one of the gang. They are a cute bunch though!

Maybe it was a car wash attendant...<br />
Hi Split :-P*