When Does It Get Better?

           I'm 12 years old, i have a 16 year old brother and divorced parents. my brother and my dad don't get along, i mean what skateboarder and construction company owner with his company going under in the economy would. they fight all the time some times yelling maybe even crying, and my brother always tells me our dad is an *** and my dad tells me that my brother is a slacker with D average in school. i feel torn apart and i don't think they get that its not just them arguing but, i some times cry with no one to talk to but my self and keeping all my emotions stored up in my body like cancer. only people get medication and medical MJ for the cancer, but what about me? wheres my pain medication? and my mom and my dad don get along either, apparently when i was a baby my parents started throwing things at each other and one the glass hit the sink leave a chip in the ivory. i used to look at it and think of it like the past. but now i just see as now, like its all rushing back to me and i feel my hands shake and tears in the back of my eyes and stand. Paralyzed. i only get one child hood why do i have to have this one? why cant i have one like all my other friends? even my friend who's dad lives in Hawaii with an other family is better than mine. my dad tells my brother and i that we are in a bad situation in the economy and so i feel guilty when ever i spend money, even for lunch money so i earn most of money by baby sitting, so i barley ever go shopping and no one at school knows so they just see me as a person who has bad taste. which hurt me because my dream is to travel to France and go to college for fashion design which may never happen because of my situation. and yet i only have one question...why? why me?
LiviaFramboise LiviaFramboise
May 15, 2012