I Think My Friend Family Is a ****** Family

One day i went over my friend house and his mother usually is nice but this day she was a little to nice she was walking around the house with just some panties on so i was like im about to leave he said no so we went in his room started playin sum games and like 15min his mother called him and he left the room for like 20min came back and i swear i smelt sex so i said im leavin so i was going down stairs and i walked pass his mother room and i saw his mother and sister kissin so i said yo look he said oh D**N and shut the door and i was leaving out and he said ok i see u 2morrow and i swear i heard his sister scremin sayin yes ma now i dont even feel comfortable goin over his house no more
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7 Responses Aug 18, 2007

So they are an ****** family. Big deal. If you do not want to get involved, then don't. Of course that doesn't mean they want you to join in. If you are lucky they might be the type of family that is comfortable with that type of thing and trust you enough to give you the choice. Make up your own mind and don't let your friend's family influence you one way or the other. After all is said and done, your friend is your friend. His family are nothing more than background noise - or a bonus depending on how you approach this.

It looks like thet are enticing you. The only way to be sure is to make a move on mom or sis.

umm actually dude your the one intruding even if it really is an ****** house aslong as its consensual and everyone sways to that drum then so be it if he likes to do the nasty with fam and he willingly agrees to it he gives in to whats inside then more power to him and them however if he is being forced then its a diff story but as long as he agrees and it is wanted its not wrong its only forced ****** that is bullshit

I agree with the first comment. That is a bit crazy though.

yikes. either report it to someone else or stay far away. or both.

What do you even say to something like this? Run, run very fast, and very far.

Woah. Tough call. Maybe until ur sure u should only hang out with him at public places or at ur house so u don't have to worry about things or let your thoughts about them being an ****** family disturb you and ur friend from having fun. As long as ur friend is nice and everything seems ok about him then just go on being his friend and let the good times roll, but if you think somebody in that house is being sexually abused maybe u should tell the authorities, but not until ur sure. U don't want to lose a friend over a misunderstanding or 4 there to be any hard feelings. Hope this helps and everything is going good 4 u.