FIRE to Ashes ...

My heart burned for you like your love letters burning in my fireplace now. As I watch the paper burn away into ashes I realize that this is a metaphor of our love because it too burnt fiery hot with flames blazing but in the end it was nothing more than cold, grey lifeless ashes. The smoke that curls up the chimney represents the many dreams we shared together that are now simply up in smoke.  I don’t dare to touch the ashes because I am afraid they may still be hot just as I refuse to touch the mess we have made of our relationship because some things are better left untouched and undone.  Yes our love is like the cold grey ashes because in the morning I will be putting them in the trash to be taken away just as I am slowly putting your memories behind me and not think of you as my lover any longer.

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7 Responses Jul 17, 2008

I used your analogy just the other night with a close friend of mine. I can totally identify with the trapped in a cage scenario you presented but I identify even more closely with the statement about feeling choked out and unable to breathe air any longer. That is exactly the feeling I was having. If I can do anything for you or can listen to you through this life change please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad that my post could help you on your journey.

thanks Rog. I love this piece bc it is me taking back the power. It was an awakening.

I love you Brut and he is in the past. I promise and I have the burnt pictures to prove it lol.<br />
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Hey Grace.. I was wondering where you have been. I am marvelous.. I just had a three hour conversation with my arm candy and he took care of me... You know I will ping you girl if I get down.. You are my girl.

Oh no...<br />
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*hugs*<br />
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PM me if you need to vent, ok?

I am trying to say that you may not be able to...I hope so, though, if it is what you is very painful to hang on to nothing...

I started writing this post a few weeks ago but I was on the phone tonight with AC and realized that it was time to go ahead and burn the cards and letters...Ac just has this way of making me see what is best for me even though it may not be the thing I want to do... <br />
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Brfut, that is a true statement as I have heard that before. I know you are tryng to say if I love him not to give up. He and I did have that kind of passion... Our passion for one another was intense.

i was talking to this firefighter and he told me that a root can burn underground for months and months, and even come back as a fire after being in the snow covered ground.