Something Else Is With Me When I Sleep At Night...

Me and my mom live in a upstairs apartment. From what i know the place was built ten years ago. We have lived in the apartments for four years. Weird stuff has started happening in my room (and only in my room), since my neighbor has moved out and new neighbors have moved in next door. One night, as i was lying in bed on my way to sleep, i heard music coming from next door. thinking that it was my neighbor, i thought about it until the next day when i told my mom. My mom looked confused and said the neighbor moved out a few days ago. I didn't know she moved out so i was shocked because i knew what i heard. My mother works graveyard so she is not home at night. The next couple of nights were normal. About a week later, we had new neighbors moving in next door to us. They were young male collage kids. Things started to get weird. I suddenly became afraid to sleep in my room. I would stay up later then usual, and i would dread getting tired. Every time i would start drifting off to sleep, i would be jerked back to reality by a sudden feeling of being watched. I keep my room pitch dark, and i keep my fan on at night. I thought i was just being paranoid, so i thought nothing about it until last night. I recently have been having nightmares, i don't remember any of them but i do know i will wake up with a strange feeling like someone else is with me. Since a couple nights ago, i haven't been feeling safe sleeping in my room especially at night. Every time i get in my bed, i try not to think scary thoughts, but i always do. I go to bed terrified and wake up that way. I've been noticing that every time i go in my room to get something, that it doesn't 'feel right', its hard to describe the feeling. Its like im not welcome in my own room. The suspicion of ghosts has not crossed my mind until now. I haven't told my mom anything, because knowing her she probably wont believe me. I tired sleeping out in the living room but the outside lights always keep me awake. I have general anxiety disorder if it helps. What should i do? please help im so scared!
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I just stumbled upon your post and I want to say that it is perfectly normal to be scared about something that you may not understand.

My name is Tony and I am a paranormal investigator with a group called The Spirit Seekers out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that ghosts, if there is one present, are not out to harm you. They are just energies of people who have remained on this plane of existence for one reason or another. Perhaps they do not know that their life here on earth has ended or they are stuck here with unfinished business.

From your description though, it sounds like there may be more earthly forces at work. You mentioned that you have general anxiety disorder and this could be causing an event known as sleep paralysis where the person experiencing it feels like they are being watched, they may have difficulty breathing, and at times they may even see shadow figures.

Also, I noticed that you generally have encounters when you are aware of other people in the surrounding apartments. You said things were fine when you learned the apartment was empty and activity picked up again when you discovered a group of college kids had moved in. This could be adding to your overall anxiety which is manifesting itself in the form of sleep paralysis.

Before anyone can say something is paranormal they have to eliminate any possible real world explanations. Your room could also have high Electromagnetic Fields that spike when adjoining apartments are using electricity. High EMF levels can cause paranoia, nausea, restlessness and can even cause some people to break out in a rash.

I would have an electrician look into the wiring of the apartment and see if you have a high EMF level in the home. You can do this yourself by purchasing or having someone purchase an EMF meter for you. You can get them at Radio Shack or online. Other electrician sores should carry them too.

If you are indeed dealing with a ghost or some other sort of paranormal entity keep in mind that you have been sensing its presence for a while and it has never hurt you. It very well might not even be aware of your existence. Contrary to popular belief and despite what movies show you, there has never been a proven case of a ghost harming someone. Heck, we can't even scientifically prove they exist yet.

Hang in there, if things get too scary or out of control, talk to your mom about it and see if you can contact a local paranormal investigations group to investigate and determine if you are truly haunted. Good luck. If you have any questions or comments, please contact The Spirit Seekers, Inc at