Strange Things Are Happening In Our Home.

 We have lived in our house for 3 years.I am married & have 4 children (ages 7,10,13,17).Strange things have been happening since we moved in,but lately they are getting worse & a lot more frequent.We hear things all the time.Our dogs are terrified of our daughters room & bark at nothing all the time at night when nothing is there (usually into the kitchen or hallway).The other night my husband & I went into the kitchen to get a drink (we had been in bed & all kids were sound alseep) & our microwave was running.It had all zeros on it & nothing was in it.I hear very loud noises coming from our daughter's room (right above mine) all the time when she's gone.When I go up there is nothing there.My children have all seen and/or heard things.Our daughter has horrible dreams every night & leaves her tv on all night w/ the volume very high so she can't hear the noises.I feel something shaking the end of my bed at nights & my son has had this happen to him when he once slept in our daughter's room.One time my husband & I were in bed watching tv & heard a huge noise in our living room (right next to our room) sounded like a tv or something fell.We ran out there & nothing had been moved & nobody was there.Tons & tons of other things have happened,but way too much to list here.Anyone else have these types of things happening?
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Hi dear Sunni, sorry it is to late to send this message but I've just seen it.
Do you still having this experience ?

We have been in our house 2 1/2 years and just in the past few months some weird things have happened. Like stuff flying off the counter, footsteps in the kitchen, our dog acting weird and whining alot, barking at nothing. Just today our light fixture cover came flying off in our downstairs bathroom, mind you it was screwed on and the ring looked like it was pried off, and it was brand new when we put it up. Nothing bad has happened just weird things

yes me i have 2 birds they kept screaming like never before i had a box im mi old closet that box was up there for more than 3 years and now it fell and the smoke alarm went off twice for no reason and my aunts body is also hurting she can barley walk

I was looking for answers when I came across this post. We moved into our house 16 years ago and right away I started seeing movement out of the corner of my eye and when I looked it was nothing. The stove would turn off while I was cooking supper, so I had a repair guy come and there was nothing wrong with it. The cat hisses at nothing. A few years passed and I would notice things were out of place or I would lose things and they would turn up later in odd places. My bedroom is always cold no matter what we do. The kids (13, 21, 25) are always coming in my room saying did you call me? When I didn't. During the day when I am home alone I will hear voices or noises ( or feel like someone is looking at me) and I think someone is in the house, but when I check there's not. Well, a few years ago I finally saw someone. A tall man in a top hat and cloak. I told my husband I saw someone and he checked and thought I was just seeing things. Not too long later he saw him. I asked him what he looked like he said he was tall with a cloak and a top hat, I NEVER told him what he looked like, bc I was thinking he would poke fun at me seeing Abe Lincoln or something. Then I saw a child, idk if its a boy or girl bc it's not very distinct. My daughter (13) sees the child too. She said some nights she wakes up bc she thought someone was jumping on her bed. Well last night I woke up with a jolt bc I thought someone was there. There was what appeared to be a short woman standing by my bed. It scared me so bad I jumped up and cut the light on. That woke up my husband and of course he jumped up too, lol. My heart was pounding so hard, when I finally calmed down, I said I thought someone was in our room, I must have been dreaming. When we went back to bed, my husband saw her leaving the room. He described her and it was the same as what I saw. This is not the first time we have seen someone in our room, it happens periodically, but it's always been the tall man. Nothing bad has ever happened and mostly I am unafraid, but the standing over sleeping people is eerie and unnerving. Of course I tried to talk to my friend about it but people just think we are nuts. I honestly don't know what to think. Especially because we bought our house NEW. Very strange and i don't know what to think or do either!

Hi dear Pamela,
I am a new member to this forum and would like to help you. do you still have these weird things happened ?

i have. i am not married. i have had strange sightings. one time i was watching tv in the living room.the remote was on the couch and i was on the floor. then the channel changed and no one around in the house. i changed it back and it changed again. And one time i was laying in bed and i heard a noise in the basement(above my room) and i just thought it was a rat or something. the next day i called someone to take care of them and it turned out no animals had been there since we moved in (3 years ago).then the exterminator went up and checked again. then he came running down. he explained a white mist coming towards him.i was shocked! the next night i would not go to bed because i could feel eyes on me.and you know what i feel eyes on me right now. one time i was home alone and something threw a tooth pick at me. i turned around and nothing there. then it appeared a white mist coming toward me. my mom opened the front door and it disappeared! i have had many more but to much to list.

oh my word! i would have grabbed my kids and hubby and run long agoooo. you are brave!! good luck. ps why dont all of you sleep in the least caotic room together instead of them all alone in there rooms. until you move or the advise meantioned above

I would suggest having a group of paranormal investigators look into you claims. The groups do it for free and most of them have contacts with other people who can cleanse the house of negative energy. If you are religious or affiliated with a church it might not hurt to have the home blessed.<br />
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Do some research on the home. Use the internet to research the area, your plot of land, and the house in general. See if anything tragic or unexplained has happened there in the past. Talk to neighbors, see if they are experiencing anything weird as well, but be careful with this as they may look at you like you are weird.<br />
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If you have any specific questions you can email my organization "The SPIRIT Seekers" a paranormal research and intervention team out of Little Rock, AR at You can visit our blog at for more information.