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Claude...don't Mess With Me Today!

Ok. My "father-in-law" is not at rest.

1. He died about three months ago.
2.We inherited his house (we are renovating it).
3. We never had a service for him, per his request.
4. He didn't like me...AT ALL.
5. Something is knocking on the walls of the house.
6. Something is making paper shuffling sounds (there's no paper in the's gutted)
7. Something kicked me from behind as I was leaving the house the other day.
8. Something whitish, see-thru and Claude-like slowly cruised thru the living-room one afternoon.
9. I am supposed to move in this house in the next 6o days.
10. I am actually a paranormal investigator, so have had many encounters, but I have never lived with them in my own house.

I am not scared of Claude, per se. I just like my privacy...A LOT, and I no longer feel like I have privacy. I don't want to go inside by myself. I do not feel welcome. I don't think he particularly likes what we have done to "his" house.

I need to have a "Go to Jesus" meeting with him.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I should handle this meeting?

Thysta Thysta 41-45, F Jul 3, 2011

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