It Likes My Mother

I move around a lot but as long as i can remember there was always a spirit there. not a bad one though. it would change chanels and do little things which i think was my grandpa. last year we moved to this trailor after being chased out of our last place by a syco who slashed our tires, and it seemed fine at first. then people would go crazy and fight with my mother and i all the time. it was drama after drama. eventualy winter came and the pipes froze at the trailor so we stayed as long as we could. during that time we felt as if we were being watched and we did not want to be alone. its just my mother and myself that live togeather. when people would come over it would mess with them, one time it sent a blank text to someone with no sender. recently it sent a pic. of my uncle and mom from halloween to someone without a sender which is impossible. one night a family member came over and they refused to leave us they said somethings wrong and took us home with them. not to long after that the trailor was shot up. not to long after that it was vandilized and trached, windows broken.there were footprints around the house like people were watching us while we still lived there. we went from house to house and got sick of it and went back to tough it out. it was much worse. it tormented us. me and my mom are really close. so it confussed me as to why i all of the suddenly felt anger toward her. and we left on christmas day to someones home. that night we were shaken up and tired. i went ouside with her so she could smoke and there dog was flipping out. next thing u know we hear this scary out of the movies scream with double voices come out of no where so we went inside. i get nightmares, wake up screaming get out to a ghost that was in my dreams, and the only way to hurt my mom is to go through me and to hurt me is to go through her. it gives me nightmares about my mom getting hurt. it seems like lately we fight over anything. we got help from a medicine man it seemed to have eased it until now. around christmas again it has people attacking us and she is a mess. i explained to her that its back and we need help. we gotta be strong to get through this. we live in a new place. i dont know what to do. i dont know how to make this stop.
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