I Know Mine Was

many years ago, before I re-married, I was very spiritual and had been doing quite a lot of astral travelling, boy, that was a test and a half, but I digress, I was in my room alone, and the boys had gone to bed, when I saw a figure in a coat and hat ,Male, quite tall, ..... I felt quite frightened and said so and asked him to go................ he walked through the wall and I have  never seen another,it scared the sh** out of me,! I stopped my spiritual activities for a while after that !

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P.O.E. You amaze me with your kindness, and you really are quite astute to other peoples probs, how do you find time to do so much? I have a hell of a job trying to read all the interesting things on this site. :] lol<br />

Yes,sometimes these things can get out of hand.<br />
I am glad you have not been bothered further.<br />