When I was growing up I was convinced my parents' house was haunted. The house is already creepy. It is one of the oldest in town, and was built over an area where the bodies of pioneers were buried. Every couple of years one of our neighbors accidentally unearths an old skeleton and the police come to take it away. It is so expected that it doesn't even make the paper anymore.
The history of the house is just as creepy as the history of the land. The house is locally infamous, and my parents have to work hard to find a willing house sitter since none will house sit more than once and a few have even quit halfway through the job. The original owners died mysteriously in the forties, and no one knew for months. Actually lots of people have died in the house, but the original owners are the only ones who died in an extra weird way. Most deaths were just accidents.
I didn't know any of this when I was a kid though, I thought it was haunted from what I experienced there. Since the house is old, it does a lot of spooky stuff on its own. Like weird howling when the wind blows, drafts shutting doors, cold spots, lights blinking randomly, and the house creaks and moans like nobody's business any time someone walks somewhere. The worst creepy thing was the scratches from underneath the house. I swear every animal within a five mile radius journeys to my parents' house just to squeeze their way under the house to die. Almost every night you can hear something scratching away. My dad keeps patching the holes and the animals keep finding their way in.
What really started to convince me was the way the door knobs used to turn on their own, my sister and I would sit terrified in our beds watching the door knob on our bedroom door twist back and forth in the middle of the night. I became more convinced when I moved into my own room and my tv and radio used to turn on and switch channels at night on their own. And sometimes I thought I saw strange shadows moving on the walls, which I would often pretend I didn't see, even when my sister asked. I moved out when I was eighteen, and the more time that passes the more I think it was all my imagination. I still can't help but get a little creeped out when I visit my parents' house
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Usually someone who died of natural causes in a house wouldn't haunt it, but someone who died in pain or with intense feelings might not be so easy to put to rest. Most spirits don't hurt the living.

You can hear scratches on my walls too.

This is a good read and I'm sure not all could be your imagination. I've seen one myself so I know, people might laugh but I know what I saw. I'm glad your out of there now :) hope your parents are alright?