I Know My House Is...

haunted! it was built in 1800s. it is an old victorina home.

in the 1900s it became a private hospital for the rich, when the spanish influezana (sp) broke out. and in the 1940s to the 1960s it was a nursing home. so many people have died here.

just a few of the stories from my house...

i had an exchange student. when we were re-doing her room that is when everything started. we call her K's friend. she is a female, we arent sure how old she is. when K moved in, things started happen to her room. the major event was when she had another exchange student stay the night. they were asleep and K's closet (which is a sliding door) flew open and this woman came out of her closet and floated above them. she also did this one other time, but this time she was being chased by something.

my dad turned the tv off. he got half way into another room and the tv turned back on. this happened three times (in the same night) and he even shut the cabinet doors and those flew open.

my mom was painting in my room when i was in germany. my dad was at menards getting stuff for my room. she thought that he came home. bc she hear someone coming up the back stairs. she called his name and no answer. she went to the stairs, no one was there. she went back to my room and cont. to work. she heard the foot steps again. called my dad's name out. nothing, went to the stairs, no one! it happened one last time. this time my dog (who is no longer with us... i miss him) pongo heard it and went to look. no one was there. my dad came home an hour later!

my husband and i have multiple experiences every day!

so... we know my house is haunted. good & bad are here. the good protect us.

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

You still need to cleanse it of the negative elements though. These spirits need to move on(good or bad) by accepting them , they are allowed to linger which they shouldn't, <br />
For whatever reason they are still stuck there, they need to go toward the light so they too can move forward and be within the divine.