I think my house is haunted. I feel like there's someone watching me when I'm here on my own and things get moved into strange places all the time. Once the TV turned over all by it's self! does anyone else have this experience??? Am I going crazy? what am I supposed to do?
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Maybe a child ghost but I think I would have moved too!

Well i totally understand what your saying i swear when i would go to bed seem like someone was always playing in my livingroom and when i would go upstairs and check it was so quiet you could drop a pin lol but after the fact when i went to the restroom it always felt like someone was there i also remember one night a littlte girls voice outside my door and sounded like she was talking but i couldnt make out what she was saying and tvs would cut off and lights would flicker on and off one day my son came home from school and iin his room his blinds open like someone was looking out and when he got inside there was no one at home i never did find out if anyone died there ive moved so ill never really kn0w.

Either he is psychic or your house is haunted. Either way I think I'd try and get some help!

I have also had strange things where my 2 year old kept seeing a old grampa and my child battles to sleep hes always calling for me or crying and the one time i put him in my moms spare room where i was sleeping and kept the door open to the passage. i walked past to see if he was sleeping and he said no he cant and pointed and said the grampa is talking to him. i felt like the hair on the back on my neck stood up. i grabbed him and ran out to the lounge. he fell asleep on the couch. then another night we were lying in the room where i sleep with him again and he asked for his bottie which i passed to him, he then gave it to me when he was finished. i put it on my side table where he pointed was the grampa the last time and all of the sudden something was tapping th bottle, and it was like tap one 2 tap it wasnt going at the same time. i freaked out because i grabbed it and it stopped so i moved it and it stopped. i was so scared ( typically im house sitting my parents place all alone) so slept in my moms room with all the doors locked. But yeah samething. felt like i wasnt alone. i was being watched. My child has also waved at someone in the ensuite bathroom during the day whilst i was sitting on my moms bed. he also grabbed his toys and ran towards my mom once when she was alone with him washing dishes. she asked whats wrong... he pointed down the passage and said old grampa. so i dont know. i havent had anything of late. and when i phoned my parents abouth the grampa when they were away she said dont think about it otherwise you tempting fate. by always thinking about it and kinda inviting there. rather just shooo them away which i did. i said leave my child alone. i havent had anything but then again i havent thought about it. my child still doesnt sleep through the night and hes in his room. hmmmm

The house is not new, I moved in when I married my Husband who has lived here for 21 years. He says he thinks that I was taking some time to adjust to living here and was imagining the haunting. He thinks things got better for me when I began to feel like it was my home too. I'm not sure either way but if there is or was something, it isn't bothering me now so am not going to do anything unless weird stuff starts happening again. Why rock the boat?

Since I personally believe that ghosts usually speak rather than move things I would like to suggest two possibilities that I heard about from a paranormal expert. The first one is that it could be the result of your own telekinetic energy out of nervous fear in your new home. The second is that there are people who can leave their body at will and travel.

i dont think it is leaving you alone.ghosts or anything that could be there dont just could be resting.this is in with it takes a feeds off your energy.yes getting the house blessed would be a good idea.but if you have kids dont let them be at the house when it is being is a very dramatic experience.things will be trown around.well only if there is a demond in your house.and what you are talkin about sounds like both evil and spirits just trying to find a way home.this is always happing exept i see them.i see the ghosts.and my pets act so weird.i sleep in the basement and i always have this weird feeling.and no you are not goin crazy!!

I was thinking about getting the house blessed but I don't feel the need now. All of the things I've mentioned in this story seem to have stopped and so if there was anything, it has gone away or it is leaving us alone now.

I dont understand why did you move, it your house you must take advantage so it would be better if you had the house bless, all the negative things would have gone out of the house. You said the tv came on by itself, the tv may have some type of fault.

Similar things have happened to me too. I was decorating an upstairs bedroom with my Mum and we suddenly heard the fan come on in another bedroom. I KNOW that fan was off!!! The television has also changed channel whilst I was watching it. I thought I had sat on the remote or something but the remote was safely on the coffee table. Also, on several occasions, I experienced the feeling as though someone had lightly brushed my hand. We've had a few months without any incidents now though, so I am wondering, was it an over active imagination on my part or if there was something, has it gone away? If it has gone away, why? We started fostering recently so there are kids in the house now, maybe our ghost friend doesn't like kids? Maybe they drove him/her to distraction, I have to admit it's possible lol :o)

That is really creepy about the hairclip. Just a few weeks back, I still had my hairclip in when I took a shower because I forgot it was in my hair, so I threw it out the side of the curtain without leaving the shower. When I got out, it was NOWHERE. couldnt find it! I just moved into this house about 2 months ago. So I still havent unpacked and that was the only clip I had. I finally thought, well it must have gone down the heater vent. Lo and behold, I found it underneath my bed a few days ago. I never put it there, I do not have pets or children! A few nights ago I was alone in the house and went upstairs to close the windows. I did not turn on any lights because we do not have drapes in some of the rooms yet. Then I went downstairs again. The tv was not on because I was on the computer so it was really quiet. About 30 minutes later, I went back upstairs and the fan was on in the bathroom. I NEVER TOUCHED THE FAN OR THE LIGHT. Also, the microwave turned off after about 10 seconds every time we used it for 2 days after we moved in, and then never did that again. We didnt do any thing to fix it. Finally, last night on both my husbands and my conputer, it showed we were not connected to a wireless network, but we were both on the internet for hours. He is a sceptic and thinks I am nuts. But it makes me feel like the house is haunted!

The house doesn't particularly feel spooky or unpleasant, just that they are playing a game with us. One of my hair clips moved from upstairs to the lounge, I found it on the floor. I don't have any children and the day before I had done a really intense clean and nothing was out of place.

You're not crazy the same thing happened to me. I moved into this house and I got the same feeling. Then all of my things got moved around all the time by no one. Then the TV the lights the computer and the microwave started turning on and off by themselves. I saw shadows and small green lights in the dark hallway at night. Then my 2 year old kept saying she saw an old lady in her room. Then I found out two old people lived there before us and my daughters room was the old lady's room. I think she probably died in there. My daughter would wake up screaming everynight about the same time. Then one day a scar appeared on her eye with no explanation. We were glad to move out of that house.