My Husband Really Hates Me!

I've only been married 7 months. My marriage is at a point where my husband can look me in the eyes and cd me and and every negative name in the book. We are not affectionate nor intimate with one another, we no longer say "I love you" to one another. I know he is sleeping with other women, one of them the mother of his 1 year old child (yes, while with me). I own my home and have asked him to leave and free himself from the stress of marriage. He REFUSES to leave. Now that I want him out, he states I must evict him. He also states he will torture me and make every day helm for me until he is gone! He cut my face out if every picture hanging in our home. What an unstable evil environment to live in. I wish I could just leave (my home). We made it these 7 months only because I honor the covenant we vowed, and I stand by my word and commitment. I'm tired, hurt, lonely, disappointed, and empty! It is so far gone beyond repair! How can any man hate his WIFE so strongly?! The woman he promised to protect, why would any man intentionally inflict harm? What to do?
Tameckia Tameckia
1 Response May 24, 2012

He is sick you need to get legal help fast! Don't take his crap! He sounds scary and you might want to think about getting a protection order. Please be careful. The only person he should hate is himself for treating a child of god badly. You are in my prayers.