Married With Two Beautiful Girls

My husband had been miserable since my second daughter was born in November of 2010. He's a firefighter; consequently, he works 24 on and is home for 48 hours before he returns for another around-the-clock shift. I am based in North Florida, and work for a small consulting firm that is based in south florida, so I work from a home office. My job demands between 40 and 60 hours per week. My husband resents that I need him to help me with the baby when he is not at work, but I am the bread winner in our family (though not by much), so I count on his help. Our family life demands two incomes.

He spend many years as a bachelor before we married. I can feel his discontent. On the days he is off, he leaves the house as soon as the baby is down forĀ a nap, and often again at night when both of our daughters have gone down for the night. He rarely says anything kind to me.e

I feel so sad.
MisCil MisCil
2 Responses May 24, 2012

My husband is a firefighter also. Our children are grown but when he is off duty he is gone. Sometimes he takes a 48 and doesn't tell me. He wont answer either texts or calls. He hasnt spoken now for 1 month and refuses to eat anything.I.cook. I can't help but wonder...Why am.I here? He is very handsome as I.have been told too dam much. Why does god allow me to wake up in the morning?

I completely understand I am in the same situation. Our youngest daughter is 1 years old and I'm at a point that I just wish I was dead. The stress has sent my blood pressure up and my oldest daughter detects that their is something wrong. He leaves the house every chance he gets, he is so mean to me, I don't know what to do..... I wish you luck and I pray for you and your girls.