My husband i And been married for 22 years . We have five kids and a 1 two years old grandson . I lose my job on may 2012 cause of extreme coupon so I got fired and now Walmart . Anyhow I collect all of my 401k which is not that much so I deside to go see my family back to philippines for two month with my two daughters and my grandson ok? So when I came back he kind of angry with me saying that get a job . And I said ok ! So couple weeks later I went to put some application maybe few of them apps . Now one nite he was taking a shower take his shirt off and I saw his back full of scratches like finger nails so I was asking him why you have to many scratches in your back he said i don't know do you think he is cheating on me while I away for two month?
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Maybe...Did he have any reasonable explaination for the scratches? Or did he just start getting mad ! Cant say that getting marks like that would be easy to get in everyday life , and probably even harder with your clothes on !Hope you are wrong in thinking this . Good luck.