Help Me Get My Husband Back!

My husband and I are a young couple with a a two week old beautiful baby girl. During my pregnancy we were arguing a lot so I went and stayed at home for a while. (Were military so we're far away from home) The entire time I was home he promised he wasn't cheating. Sure enough he didn't cover up his tracks and he cheated with 6+ woman. I let it go because of my daughter and now we are living in our very own home! But recently he got back in his old ways and started to spit in my face, scream at me, slap me upside the head... With my daughter in his arms! I am currently sleeping in our spare bedroom and we haven't talked in days. Not a peep. I can't do this! I'm not even 19 yet; I want to live a normal life!! He tells me how fat and ugly I am and how disgusting my stretch marks are. (Don't forget I just had a baby two weeks ago! On top of that I had a C-Section and he doesn't help me at all!) someone help! I don't want a "leave him!" I want help to get MY husband back. I want the man I married back.
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I am a military wife also who had similar incidences to, don't walk to base legal and get help fast!! This man(I use the term loosely) is ABUSIVE and his first victim is you but yours kids aren't far behind. Don't give up on yourself and think something is wrong with you and he is still the good guy. Maybe he was just good at acting but now that you are in his clutches he treats you like he thinks you deserve to be treated so he is showing his true colors each time he mistreats you in any way. Go to the family service center, unfortunately the military deals with this kind of thing often and has to have people on hand to deal with the aftermath. Please, please, don't think you don't have options just because you are young and just had your baby. You need to remember always that he is the one who is disgusting for treating the mother of his child in such a horrible and cruel manner. I know that you are dealing with lots of emotions and feelings especially with the pregnancy hormones but try to take a deep breath and if YOU want then you can suggest counseling for both of you to make it better but if he follows true to form and dismisses you then you have an answer and you should make sure you follow every avenue to guard your future and the future of your daughter both financially and physically. There is help for you and don't ever think you are alone because you are not. I will be thinking of you and praying for you and your sweet little baby.

This is him. This is who he is. A violent ****.
...The guy you married was a fake, an act, a put-on.

When he hits you with the child present, he might as well be hitting her, because it traumatizes children to see their parents hurt.