What Did I Do To You Today?

Hubby is constantly complaining that we don't spend enough time together. Saturday I had to work an 11 hr shift, and then work 5-1 sunday. When I got home sunday, we had 2-3 hrs to ourselves, I thought great we have some time together. I came in from work, after recieving a text from him earlier in the day, saying I love you and I know your tired. Apon entering the house, he was on his way out to take our granddaughter to a friends house. When he got home he did nothing but complaine about how our days off don't coinside with each other, and he always has kids on his days off. I said to him, we have a few hrs together, he could of cared less. Treated me liike the plague, wouldn't talk to me, told me to get out of his space, and that I needed to clean house better, pretty much said, your worthless. As tired as I was I walked away and started cleaning. Seriously, why do I bother? We've been together 25 yrs. I have put up with some major crap from this man, and usually most cases, I just ignore him and walk away til his attitude changes. I do love him, and have spent half our yrs together knowing or feeling like he hates me. Why do I stay, I swore the day I got married, 1 marriage, and if we divorce, training another man, not worth it for me. I would rather spend the rest of my life by myself, not having to answer to noone.
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I wonder If he is the brother of My ex wife?

Honey I have been married to the same man for 41 years. I can truly say I did my very best. He is a Viet Nam Vet, I spent my good years trying to show him how much I loved and cared for him. It was never good enough. I was always a failure, always in the principals office, always felt like I was being scolded. He was very competitive with me. He told me reciently he felt like "I thought I was better than he". This was never the case. Then he clamed PTSD ok, now I have it, life is to short, Im going to spend what days I have left happy. Divorce comming soon

Thank you, I now know I am not alone. There are days I feel like he is suffocateing me. And yea no matter what I do its never enough.

Everyone deserves more....more of what they need to keep help them remain vibrant and happy.
Similar story w/ me, only my wife has 0 libido where I have all of mine!. Makes one want to scream and scream some more....There are many different variations on the theme but they all suck.

honestly, I think think he dislikes his life, and not you.... but I understand what your saying.