I been with my husband for three years we have 2 children a boy age 1 and a girl age 2 for the past three months he's been saying he won't to break up and won'ts me and the kids to move out. He's 24 I'm 21. He says he can't move out due to his background, he's gone for the majoritie of the day at his friends, casino girateing etc. I was raised In a church so I believe in trying to stay strong and working it out, he act as if being at the house is aggervating that's his excuse why he's always gone. He calls me names. Verbally mentally and physically abuse me. I'm from michigan only been in louisiana for 4 years. He claims people in our city are telling rumors about me. But it all started when he got out of drug court and started drinking again. If I'm not at home I'm at work. He knows the rumors about me are false but he still act as if they were true. He loves me or minute and hates me the next always bringing negative conversation up to have a argument and leave please help
lostlovee21 lostlovee21
22-25, F
Aug 27, 2014