I Think My Husband Hates Me

I have been with my husband for 17 years married for 15.  We have 2 beautiful daughters who are now 12 and 10.  We used to be really happy up unitl the last few years.  My husband has never been a huge conversationalist but lately he hardly talks at all. He never asks me how may day has been.  I ask my husband and children everyday what sort of day they have had.  If I do ask my husband anything he gives me a short answer and never really wants to get into a conversation with me.  Sometimes when I speak to him he pretends he does not hear and just ignores me.  I find informaiton out of him when I am in company. I find that if friends ask him the same questions he goes into great detail answering.  Everyone thinks that we are really happy but we are not.  I don't know what to  do  sometimes  I feel that it would be much better if we split up but I really love my husband.  Even when I am eating he frowns at me and makes out that I am a noisy eater but the rest of the family can do what they want and he is not like that with them. He does things like deliberately coming into the house with his dirty shoes without wiping them after I have just washed the kitchen floor and will walk right over the clean floor.  We hardly have sex anymore I just feel that because he is so dismissive with me how can we be intimate. when we invite friend round to the house he start moaning if he has to help me in any way to get things ready.

If there is anyone out ther feeling the same get in touch.

gillyp14 gillyp14
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

I feel the same way. Actually I feel like I am the one who wrote your post. He would like me to spend my money for a new car for the family