I Couldn't Ask For More From Him...

He does everything for me, well we do everything for eachother, he just doesn't need as much as I do, lol.  He has always been there for me, even before we were together.  We started outn just friends... and I helped him with his breakup with his psychotic ex-girlfriend.  He helped me when I was raped.  We have been helping eachother for almost five years now.  There is nothing in this world I know he wouldn't do for me.  And there is nothing I would not do for him.  Our love is so deep, and still, everyday I learn something new from him.  He is always surprising me.  He loves how I am all over the place, he loves it that no matter how mad he makes me he knows I still love him.  I hate it when I get really mad and he makes laugh.  I can't help it, lol.  He is just awesome, and I love him.  I don't think there is anything in this world that will ever change my mind.

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More power to you, Mone.