It Makes Me Sad

I  met my hubby through his room mate. They had live together for a long time (12years). Actually his room mate said that my hubby was his son. When hubby found that out he told me it was a lie when I asked his room mate about it the story was that he was older than my hubby and he was 15 when they met and he took him in and he thought of him like a son. OK what ever. After my hubby asked me to marry him...he's ex room mate at this time came over in tears and said he was in love with him and that they were really lovers. My hubby said it was all lies. His room mate is well known for lying to come to find out. other friends back this up 2. I asked my hubby if there was any truth to it at all? if he had any relations with a guy and he told me he experimented when he was younger but that was it. Not a big deal I thought I experimented too.
 So time went on. when I was pregnant with our son, I found gay **** he'd saved on the computer. I also found a pic of my hubby ************ and it was sent to his ex room mate! My hubby said that he did in fact do stuff with his room mate but he said he was desperate and thought he couldn't get a girl. He said he pretended to be with a woman the whole time. I didn't know what to think or do. I was about to have his baby.
 More time passes by and he is buying sex toys and having wired requests. I love him. So I tried. But I felt like he want me to be a man. Our sex life has gone done hill since then. I don't know what to do. I love him. He finally was more open about things and he says he Bi. It's so hard knowing I will never be enough for him.
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well, he's bi. the question is is he planing on remaining faithful and can you be ok being married to a guy who is bi.

Even if I love him and he is honest and all, I would be afraid to contract STDs if staying together. I think there is no turning back. My way is out of the door.