My Husband Is Gay

I recently found out that my husband is gay. We are now separated but both very unhappy and finding it difficult to communicate with each other. We have three children who are with me and don't know the reasons why we have split up - they seem to be coping remarkably well. I am finding it really difficult to come to terms with the whole situation, with every waking minute thinking about it.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Was your sex life dramatically changed no four play only mechanical , did he cry a lot and drink himself crazy in the beginning?

Did he start having poop stains in his underwear all of a sudden?

Do you still respect him? I mean do you look at him differently? He cant really help it, just too bad he married a woman, you must be hurt and struggling with feelings for someone who can never return those feelings. I am still married, and my hb is also gay, as i am quite open i dont mind, he loves me very much in his own way. And we are a great team with 4 little kids. It's strange but i am actually happy for him. But i dont think he will ever come really out of the closet. Does that make me strange?

How did you find out?

I cry all of the time... I feel so lost... Not sure if I will ever recover from this...
You are not alone.