My Husband Confessed He Would Choose His Ex Girlfriend Over Me If Only We're Not Married :(

My husband and I have been married for just four months. I think he was obliged to marry me thinking I was pregnant. He was kind of torn between his ex and I before the marriage, but gave her ex up for the baby. Apparently,I wasn't pregnant and when he knew that, he was somewhat disappointed.

I know he's not over his ex yet because he told me. Last night, when I asked him who would he choose between me and the girl (if we're not married), he said his ex. I was totally hurt I could not contain I almost kiled myself..:(
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Ouch , this hurts ... I could imagine this pain .. I hope he has gotten over her by now

Marriage because of pregnancy is stupid. If he didn't feel ready, he should have waited - well, he should also have waited before making you pregnant.

Anyway now he has to choose between you and her... if he chooses her let him go and look for someone who loves you for who you are... if he chooses you make sure that he actually loves you and he won't cheat on you in the future.

That is the practical thing to do :( If he will ask for freedom, I will give him that. But I will remain believing in our marriage.

dont fellllll so hurt be free becos he is urs he ill never go from u belive

thank you so much. I believe in the sanctity of marriage so I will not resolve to anything I will regret later. It just hurts so bad.