I Know My Husbands Family Hates Me

Ok long story short my husband & i got together when he was with some one els for five years. he left her. we got together. His family hates me. we got married a year later my mom didnt come because she didnt like the way his family treated me his family showed up and made comments the whole night at the end of the night his mom went to hug him goodbye gave her elbow in my face and left till this day he torn between his family and i. they wont let up neither will i im always thinking hes going to leave me because to make them happy

mrsbedolla mrsbedolla
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Humans are funny creatures!

i experienced that some time ago, you have to move, move now, get him to move out of state!! i did it and it lasted 6 years , its the happiest we ever were. know due to the economy we are back in the neighborhood,and he treats me bad again, if it does not change i am leaving him for good! a true man never lets his family treat you bad, and tell him how you feel, if he does not understand or try to change it, then leave!