About to Break

I need a break, is that to much to ask? I really think my kids and maybe there dad <just a little> are going to cause me to loose my mind. I just want to get out, ALONE. Not he is watching the kids while I run to wally world to get a few things we need. I mean finding something I enjoy doing, <that does not include any of my number of addictions> and leaving to have a great day and being home when ever I get there. Is there anything wrong with that?

 Well there is... First off I dont have any hobbies, very few friends, and I just dont seem to know how to function in the world. Oh and the big thing no time, no money, and no where to safely leave the kids for that amount of time.

He leaves for work everyday sometimes doing overnights. I know he is working, but he still gets away and has adult conversation. He also gets together with his buddies <not often> and rides 4 wheelers and all that fun stuff.

I am so stuck in a rut and becoming more depressed by the minute. At this point I would be happy to have another mind like adult to just listen to me rant or cry I am pretty close to the crying part. Any way I am just rambling on. Is there anyone out there that can make a suggestion. HELP I'M drowning.

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4 Responses Nov 19, 2008

I used to think that I couldn't wait for my kids (ages, 18, 16, & 11) to grow up and go to school so I could be alone all day. Well, that day has come(many years ago) and now it makes me sad that my youngest is 11. I feel as if their life is flying by and I didn't take the time to actually enjoy every minute of it., especially when they were very young. I know it sounds impossible, but try to enjoy the quality time you have with them. What you need to do is take some time for you. Find a sitter and do something you want to do. Maybe take some classes at your local college. If you can't afford it, there is financial aide. Maybe go to the library a few times a week and read a good book. Just do something for you. Believe me, you will come back a more rested person and appreciate what you have.

i have 2 kids, 1 and 3 yrs old that fight a lot and scream all day long. They always want something from me .I'm a stay at home mom and hate every minute of it.<br />
I hate this life and i'm unhappy. I always have headaches from the screaming. It's nothing to make them quiet. I cannot even shower, i have to wake up at 5am,before them,to be able to go to bathroom and shower. I am exhausted and don't enjoy being a mom at all.<br />
I cannot wait for them to grow and go to school. <br />
Sometimes i start crying and i have to take calming pills to stop. I am very bored of this life. I cannot do anything for me, it's all for the kids. I am unhappppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :((((

All I can say is...ME TOO! I am having such a bad "kid day" I feel like the crying and the poopy diapers and pullups and the "I want this or that" as soon as I sit down is going to drive me out of my frickin mind.

how old are you kids if you don't mind me asking?<br />
don't get this question wrong do you go to church?<br />
if nothing else church is a good place to just meet people.<br />
and most have a day care or children classes.