I Just Don't Know What to Do

I am 26 years old and I am unsure if my husband and I are going to work out. We have been married for almost two years  now and we don't get along, we fight everyday, and I feel he hates my son from a previous marriage because he is always on his *** (he has ADHD).  We fight in front of our 3 year old daughter and it kills me everytime.  Everytime that happens a piece of me dies.  I feel that I have lost all feelings for him and I don't even know if I love him to be truthful.  I feel NOTHING!! It makes me really sad that my second marriage is failing.  I am lonely and I am scared.  I am only here now because we have a three year old and I just want her to have a mom and a dad.  I am so lost. 

nursingstudent nursingstudent
Feb 21, 2009