Very Sad and Confused

After 20 years of marriage it looks as though it is over. Totally devastated. Would like to share similar experience and try to come to terms with what has happened.The world at present seems a very lonely place and any help for me to understand the situation would be much appreciated. 

aloneagainornot aloneagainornot
2 Responses Aug 15, 2008

Sometimes it's for the best. Why would you want to be in a marriage where you're not loved or where you don't feel any love. Sometimes it's better to start from scratch. How old are you?

hello aloneagainor not,

Well from what I can see from this website you should be able to get a lot of people in the same situation that you are in. I'm in the same boat, my husband and I have been together for 30 years. Now I'm single and on my own. I can take this situation two ways,

1. Keep thinking about what has happened and why we are in this marriage mess, point fingers and do the blame game. Which I know leaves me feeling sad, hurt, angry, and disappointed with myself.

2. The second thing is, I always said that things happened for a reason. I think it was meant to be. This now gives me the opportunity to move on in my life. This is a very scary feeling. I have never been alone ever in my life, and I have good days and bad days. I can only hope that the bad days will be less and less as time goes on.

What I have been doing since the separation is meditating, deep breathing, I joined the gym, bought a journal and started writing things down. Above all I registered for this site. Talking things through does help a little. When someone kicks you in the Butt, pick yourself up, dust the prints off, don't look back and move forward. Looking back gives that person a chance to catch up to you, and kick you again.

I hope this helped a little,