I Think My Moho Is Haunted By A Cat

My husband and I bought a motor home to live in while we build our new house.  It's a used motor home but is spotless and in perfect condition, and not old.  We have two cats of our own, which have adjusted to moho life very quickly.  We've been living in it for about three weeks now.  Every now and then I would catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye of a cat moving about on the floor.  Assuming it was one of mine, I would look, but there was nothing there.  I even thought I heard a cat meow a couple of times (not one of mine).  Yesterday one of my friends was visiting, and she said, "Oh!  You got another cat!"  "No", I said, we've  just got the two."  "But it was just here.` she insisted.  It`s grey and white stripes.``

Hmm.   Well, at least it`s not an unfriendly  cat-ghost.......
61-65, F
Jul 17, 2010