I Think My Mom Doesnt Understand Me

My mom is Dominican , straight up dominican. Sometimes I cant even communivate with her because all she talks is spanish. She never asks me questions about myself, to see how im doing. She acts like she doesnt care about me. When I do try to talk to her she tells me jump off a bridge and get over it. I dont understand why she is like that. Im the type of person that would talk it out like my dad. Unfortanently my dad died 5 years ago when I was 8. This only leave my 2 older sisters. The oldest sister is the same as my mom and my sister older than me has a big mouth. I feel like the only people I can trust is my friends. and i hate that i feel like that because friends come and go, family always stays . Is anyone else having this problem ? or is it just me ?
xxMandyxx xxMandyxx
13-15, F
May 22, 2012