I Think My Mom Hate Me

I think my mom hates me because one time when she was cooking she told me to come here and she`s like here is this hot and she through a hot spoon at me.Also i was out side and she locked me out and said take a bath you smell like a pig , so i got in through the backdoor and then she says i thought i threw you out side pig.
megybear2001 megybear2001
2 Responses Jun 24, 2011

i think my mum hates me coz she always shouts at me and doesent belive what i say and also she favers my bro and sisters i think and doesnt listen to what i say

when i was little my mum called me names far worse. i know how u feel. I dont forgive my mum for the things she did to me and neither do you but talk with your mum, ask her why she did those things. Talk to ur dad he might be helpful. your mum loves u because if she didnt she wouldnt feed or let u stay in her house. Things could always be worse!<br />
good luck, hope i helped!