My Mom Likes My Brother More Than Me

It all started when I was 2. That's when my brother was born. All of a sudden my mom started spending more time with him so my grandma took care of me. I always thought that my mom just had to take care of the baby cause he was little and helpless. But deep inside I felt that my brother was gonna change my life, not only being a sister,but something else. When I was 5 my grandma got me a unicorn to sleep with every night so I wouldn't be alone.when I was 6 my mom would hit me and scream at me for no reason. i'd ask my mom if I could get something to eat since it was either breakfast lunch or dinner "GET IT YOURSELF YOU LITTLE S***! " so I would have to make ceral and eat it for breakfast luch and dinner. One day I got tired of it so I went to go get a pickle from the pickle jar and when I opened the fridge,BAM! The pickle jar fell right on my foot my dad came to help me and told my mom "oh she'll get over it" said my mom. That day I had glass stick in my foot about 4 inches and I was bleeding severly. But when my brother would get hurt like let's say he fell down,he would start crying and my mom would come rushing to help him. I would cry in my room every day. Starting to think tthat my mom didn't love me but i'd always deny it. Every day my brother would also get a really expensive toy from toys r us andmy mom said I was to spoiled to get any toys,even though I helped more than my brother and plus I also had nothing but a crib from when I was born to sleep in and a little blanket. When I turned 7 my mom had to be forced to to come to my my birthday parties. And when my grandma got kicked out of her house she moved into ours, she slept in my room and I finally got a bed to sleep in. My grandma and I used to watch the golden girls on a tiny tv she bought for 20 bucks and she'd by little candies and soda pop we would eat in the tiny bedroom. One day my mom caught us having fun and she started kicking everything over and destroying stuff. " THIS LITTLE PEICE OF CRAP DOESN'T DESERVE ANYTHING! WHY THE F**** ARE YOU REWARDING HER!?". And that was the last happy day I would have. I had no friends, and my own mother hated me. When I was 8 I started seeing that my mom would comfortt my brother over the littlest things. My mom would say I love you to him or oh my little baby and hug or kiss him. I saw what I never got, love. I am like a prisoner in that house, I never got to go outside or have fun. I would just clean up the messes my brother and my mom make. Right now at school I have friends to comfort me. One of them tries cheering me up with his jokes. I live with my grandma cause I can't stand to see my mothers face nor my brothers. I. Am 11 right now and on to 12. I cry and feel miserable everyday after what my mom has done to me, while others cry over how they dirty their blankey.I've tried running away sometimes. But now I dont . Now I have what I have always yearned for,love from my grandma.
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I get how ur feeling. I am ur same age and my sister is exactly like ur brother. Maybe ur mother is a narcissist? Maybe ur brother get better grade, so she likes him more. I would have a "meeting with u, ur mom and ur school councilor. Ur mom can't hurt u in front of a councilor, then she would be rested for child abuse. Best of Luck!!

I'm glad I found this post, I always felt like it was just me. Although my situation wasn't as bad as yours. I'm the youngest and my brother was the middle child. My parents were never abusive, but my brother was. My parents never did anything though, just put it down to sibling rivalry.

Hey I'm really sorry.... I know how you feel and I know it sucks but I'm here if you ever want to talk.

hi! I have a small brother as well, and also feel the same thing. No matter what I do, it's wrong, and believe me; I get the blame I "deserve." I'm sorry to hear about this. Even though I feel the same way as you, my family has a great house and all, so material things is no problems for me. I would give up every material object I have to get my mom back.

Ya my mom is always yelling at me telling me I'm stupid and to emotional when I have a social disorder wich makes me different. U can't help if I'm being weird. But she will hit slap and kick me I have bruises

My mom acted close to the same. Even though I am in a wealthy family, I feel like I missed out on something. I never got my mom's love and affection, I know you guys don't really care but I just need to let it out to relieve me. My mom is a full on narcissist. She puts me as a scapegoat (everything that happens is my fault). For example; I have a skateboard which I daily use to get out of the house. My brother eventually broke it by breaking it in half. My mom then blamed me for that incident saying that "I have had enough toys already". She works me nonstop in the house when my dad is gone meaning that I don't get any break time to hang out with my friends. Now that we recently moved to California, I don't have that many friends to support me. I feel alone and I spend most of my time at home in my room because my mom will scream at me when she sees me. One of the most common words she calls me include; jerk, stupid, spoiled, annoying, piece of sh*t, waste of money, and animal.

I feel really bad for you. My mum is mean to me she says that I am dumb even though I got one of the highest in my class, she says that I am rude and says I have an attitude. I sometimes just lock myself up in my room and want to die. Sometimes I hear my brother and sister call me fat and stupid. I just want to cry because. I thought they were the only ones that love me. So I hate everyone in my life

I dont know if u are here, But i feel you, I have a brother, And i myself am a guy, He is Older, but gets favored alot more, My mom would call an ambulance when he got bit by our dog because he was teasing it very badly!

And when i lay with a HEAVY ******* CONCUSION
Blacking OUT!!!!! on my bed, She never even ******* CHECKED ON ME!

She smoked during my pregancy... I have severe autism, And i am concious of the fact that i am clinicly retarded, I have a great personality, But i have that sort of "Feeling" that i would know alot better, And that my social skills would have been better if she did not smoke during the pregnancy, I also have a very severe asthma, Which, i am 100% sure was caused by the smoking..
I am also 100% sure she has Borderline and Bi-Polar disorder, Even thoug she CHECKS HER FACTS JACK! by saying the doctors never found anything... My big a$$ they never found anything...

She also said smoking during pregnancy never hurts the baby...
Since i was born, I know that i was READY TO DIE!
She ate well, And nev er smoked while she was preggos with my brother who is OLDER THEN I AM!!!
She ate ****, literally fries and other bad processed food ALL FUCKINTG DAY when preggos with me,

I am doing well financially wise because of the stock market share that i am in, I cant wait untill i have so much money, That i would outright tell her to ******* die of a horrible disease,
She is dying, she has severe COPD, And its getting worser and worser and worse :) i am quite happy for that, People call it karma, I call it being a fking Cu NT !
I hope she will go to hell, And that she will burn forever and ever,

Your story really hurts my heart though, All parents who favor a kid, If the other one is 100% deserve to die an early, But slow death.

Same here okay my mom comforts my little brother and he can do anything her wants. No limits. No punishments. No matter what he does

I wished I had that. Your Grandma I mean mine are all dead and when we all cried and comforted each other about it we were like family. But when ever things happens she is always quick to judge me and my sister and love my brother. I am 14 my sister is 16 and my brother is 9. This morning my mother took my phone away so I can clean my room and when I went looking for it I found oreoes her pocket, I took it but then minutes later she wants it back so I give it to her. All of a sudden her earrings are broken she askes my brother and he says no straight away so she OBVIOUSLY takes his word for it and then askes us we say no and get into a argument about then she starts saying god what have I done to deserve this and, things like that. She pampers my brother EVERYBODY says it even her own brother and my dad. My Brother knows this and uses this to his advantage. I can no longer call him my brother because it isn't siblings petty fights this is full on war. All I know is when I get the chance I am leaving and never looking back.

This breaks my heart because even though my situation wasn't/isn't as severe it is very similar and I know how much it hurts. Hon, other than my own mother I have seen many other women do this to thier kids. It's sad that it happens but nothing can change women/parents like that. They are kind of delusional and all you can do is accept that the person is not capable of any real love for you. Why? Because you are too damn awesome for such low people. Just remember, you do deserve much more. She is just not capable.

I'm 16 now and my sister is 14, I had a feeling that my mom loves her more than me since I was 6 I think, my mom gave birth to a girl and I loved her so much, I changed he'd diapers, fed her, dressed her and to that my mom got used so she sometimes went out with my sis an left me alone with the baby, I didn't thought of it that way before until now I realized that an I would blame myself, especially now that we have another baby boy and am 16 I'm responsible for him, as I can change diapers and take care of him cuz my 14 years old sis is carless and not irresponsible... Its not fair that I dont get to go out to the park or to my friends house without my baby bro, I bath him do everything for him, an I got really tired of this **** so I started fighting and arguing with my mom, like why can't that ****** sister learn how to take responsibilities, even my friends an aunts noticed that. Its absolutely unfair, everything is on ME ME ME,,, uhhhhh, what I said here is nothing to what's real, I just don't know what to say now, and I think a lot of runing away and uhhhhhhhhhhshhsjdindbd I hate my mom and sis so much. Yesterday I was at my aunts and there was a party so when my sis arrived after me she was wearing my pants and bra -_- disgusting I know but she does that a lot and I would give her the bra for her, an yesterday I got really mad I told my mom about it and my mom k knows that I hate if anyone wears my clothes but she supported my sis and said its okay bla bla I was so mad and guess what the second day she did the same worw my dress and mom didn't do ****.....and and and and uhhhhh hve so much to say but toooo tired of typing. I always cry in my room I cry an cry u know nothing of what's real

Reading your stories is like writing my own I go through the same but in my stories I have 2 brothers and 1 sister which is really mean we are all difrent dads. Yet you are luckier than m you have the love of your grandma while I have no family and take care of myself
What sucks is that I'm the oldest I am only 14 and I hope that you who is reading this can see what's happening through my eyes. My mom tells me she'll go tell on school about how I behave knowing that that's what hurt me more because I love school and my step father is another thing he is the worst I always get hit and left with bruises they tell me if I tell they'll hit me more but even if I don't tell I get home to be verbally abused lacking fell really down.

I feel so sorry for you. I feel so lucky to have parents that love me. Anyway you should try talking to your mom again. Ask her why she acts like this. But if she refuses to love or even act civil to you it is advisable for you to stay with your grandma. But I have some advice for you. You only feel bad about your mother hating you because you feel obligated to love her because she's your mother. But she never acted like one to you. A mother is someone who loves and cares for you much like your grandma. Not your mom. You don't have to love your mom if she never loved you. What right has she given you to make you love her? None. She is not your mom. Just someone who pretended to be. Your grandmother obviously cares about you. She is your motherly figure in your life. So love her.

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Beat the **** out of her with a bat.

You are lucky becuase who have 1 person who loves u!I only have 1 friend and my life is like urs.I got in trouble when my bro chased me with a knife!Im blammed for stupid things.My sis jumps on me and my mum yells at me !

I understand

I'm so sorry! I half know what you feel except my mom isn't mean just spoils my brother and believes any crap that he says about me. At least you have someone! I would hate to see or have any kid/teen be treated like that! So sorry!

I am speechless :( ! I'm so sorry the way that child abuser/mother/monster hurt you emotionily and phisicly! (sorry for my spelling) But I am so glad you are getting all the love you can from your amazing super nice grandmother! And you know what you and your grandma and (your dad if he's not like your mom) Will be rememberd has bullys and monsters you, your grandma and (as I said dad if hes not like ur mom) Will be rememberd As true heart warming calm people and you and your grandma will be beautiful on the inside and out :D your mom is just ugly inside and out and your not the spoiled brat YOUR BROTHER IS! and you may not like this you may regret trying this how ever its worth a shot tell your mother you love her! yes yes I know your thinking what is this crazy person thinking did she read my post!? yes I did but just try believe in your self! If she hates you back tell her you would rather be hated for who your are than loved for who you are not! and if she slaps you hurts you AGAIN tell her you never want to see her again and same with her better or you could be the better person and talk to her and tell her how you feel but she will probably not care but you have your grandma!

This made me cry!

I feel the same except my brothers 10 now and now he my mom and my dad treat me like crap. They always stereotype me as the "Big Bad Brother" and when I cry they call me gay. I love my little brother. Today when I woke up I shouted," Don't!" In my dream I went in front of my brother to stop him from being shot. My mother said," Whats wrong with you?? Are you on your period???" Then they all laughed and made fun of me even though i truly love them all! Why do they do this???

I would say to them why are you calling me gay when you were born gay. Leave me alone or I would call the police on you. I hate you and you are the most horrible's mum in the world I never loved you.

I'm basically in the same spot as you are. Except I'm a boy. And instead of getting most of my love from my grandma or grandpa I get it from my dad. Mostly because my grandparents live in a different house. But otherwise I would be you! Sometimes I get so annoyed or pissed off I just pretend she never existed. Honestly I think my mom hates me so much, that she wants me to die. Well I hope you survive these messed up days. I know I won't :(

In the same spot aswell ;(

Hey, it's OK! My mom spends a lot more time with my brother too; she claims she loves us both equally, but I seriously doubt it. Even my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma prefer him over me. My dad's the ONLY one who views us as equals. Nobody hits me or anything, they just ignore me and my main redeeming quality is to define words or lend my cousins and brother my laptop for games. If your mom has any co-workers, why don't you think about telling them about her? Like, you can request them not to tell her or anything. Does your dad act the same way? AND, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T CUT. Seriously. Just go on with your life. If you have any hobbies, distract yourself. Besides, you'll get your revenge when your older and when you have a job; if your brother's really lazy, you'll be the one your family relies on for money. =)

my mom always talks about how wonderful my brother is and when he gets b's in school, she flips out and tells him how proud she is and stuff. me, on the other hand, I get As. and all she says about that is "good job. " not even with any excitement. she gives my brother everything he wants when he wants it. I cry so much because I feel like she doesn't like me, and she makes fun of me for it. my brother abuses me, he punches/kicks/pinches/scratches me. she doesn't care, but if I tell him to shut up, I get grounded. lately I have been considering running away.

Well here is another perspective from someone who is in the exact opposite position to you... your brother! (I'm the youngest girl of three)
Firstly, maybe she rates up your brother's grades because he really struggled and worked hard to achieve that and she doesn't want him to feel discouraged. Initially I did the worst of us in school and when I barely passed a test I got a toy while my sister was an A-B student and she wasn't really recognized in this way. Yeah it was common knowledge about her grades but my mother understood that her and I were apples and oranges and that while this was an easy life's passage for her it was a great source of anxiety, depression and low self esteem for me.
'It's not that I love your brother more than you, it's just that sometimes a mother's child needs their mother than the other at that time and I have to be there for all my children in their every time of need, but you were always my stronger son. You didn't need me the way Ron always did.' Got that from a movie. It was obvious I was the weakest child. Fs and could never make friends and couldn't read and crying about dying all the time even though there was nothing wrong with me. I had to get evaluated because the teachers thought I was 'disturbed at home.' I always compared my self to my cousin who was 1 year younger than me and my sisters and they were always doing FABULOUS in everything. It made me feel worthless and my mother knew that.
Another thing is that I got everything I wanted when I wanted it from since baby was because I never wanted ANYTHING. Seriously, I gave money back or away to people who needed it all the time. My sister was and still is a serious Monica. I never wanted for anything and was always content but because she always found something to be disgruntled about and lust and covet after she was miserable and was always looking at whatever anyone else had and thought, 'She always gets everything!' I was always very understanding and wouldn't beg for things or ask for things AT ALL and would rather that my parents save the money for useful things like food or bills or something, and I was saying that since I was 5 even though it was never really that dire. You can see why my parents would probably prefer being around me compared to my older sister who was always wanting and harassing her parents for something expensive in taste then playing the 'You love her more!' card when she didn't get it.
On top of that she never realized what she had. My parents always bought things in two's for us both but if she wanted something expensive my mother knew I understood how she was and how much it meant to her and she'd get it even though it meant nothing of anything for me for a while. But I didn't mind, I never wanted my mother's STUFF or MONEY, I wanted HER TIME. Even now she has the biggest room, the biggest bed, the TV, the DVD player, the laptop and computer, don't even talk about the number of gaming systems and anything else she asks for and I'm in a broom closet... but just because I got AC BAM!
'I know she's your favorite!' No matter how much things you get you will never be happy, money isn't happiness ignore what he gets. You might say you get nothing, but I'm sure that's not true even if you think it's the tiniest thing and it doesn't count don't take it for granted.
...And my mother can be pretty mean too! I cry about it sometimes but at the end of the day I never question my love for her or her love to me because I'm SURE I've said some pretty hurtful things too. ...And you don't know my mother's sharp tongue and she considers these things 'jokes,'... good god. And that doesn't mean she's a bad person and neither am I, we're just people trying to be better people and that's family... even though some times or even most times it doesn't look it.
My sister and I have gotten into PLENTY physical fights ...I mean scratching to the point of scarring, biting to the point of swelling and stomping on her till I feel her smaller frame below me bend, and I have been blacked out more times than a boxer. The last thing I remember was being strangled but I've done some pretty horrible things too and I'm a pest at heart.
I'm sure in some quiet moments you get you defend yourself or 'defend yourself ;)' Your mother is probably just afraid that since you're the bigger one you could seriously hurt him, that's hat my father always used to explain to me us.

In most times my sister(s) secretly wish I fall flat on my *** too but this is just childhood woes and I assure you it feels real and I sound delusional but if and when you have children of your own you will understand.

My mom hates me now all cause my older brothers I say you love me the most she said your my favorite girl I'm her only girl one brothers in the service she's probly most proud of him my other brother came in the room and said I can't sleep she told him to come and sleep in the room I was laying with my mom and he always tells lies about me he took my spot and then I was falling off the bed and I said omg I have no space my mom said FINE you have no space she went in my room my brother is in his room now I'm all alone I'm the youngest I'm really sad sometimes I wanna die

My mom always tells me that my older brothers have done greater things than me and that I don't understand how to be the person she wants me to be. Everyday I get yelled at by her because I'm not like her and my dad accepts me for who I am but my mom doesn't my parents argue almost every day then they don't talk for a while. The past weekends have been rough for me since my mom has yelled at me every day. She isn't happy with me since I had a filling on a cavity and she had to pay $400 bill. The fact that I try to be the best person I can be everyday seems to not work since she yells at me every day

i am sitting alone in my room waiting for it to be safe to go downstairs (my room is tiny...and dark)

thats ridiculously abusive. i thought i had it bad my little brother is being pampered as we speak.

This just makes me angry, very angry. That is so unfair.

that happened to me, too, actually. but i don't have my grandma at my house, so......
i'm all alone

HHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! you are literally a son of a b****,no offense to you,but.......I'm so angry,YOU DON"T PICK FAVORITES when it come to children.

Good Luck in the future

So she abuses you,kinda.Huh,hate to say it...but you might want to call CPS.Sorry for everything that's happend

I knw how it feels like. I have tried evrythng to change their nothng cant chage their behaviour, you cant change them.only one thng u can do is to adjust wid it..nd go ahead fr ur future.nd try to be a self dependnt grl. Nd nw ths is my dream too. Nd thn i want to live my life in my own way....

I knw how it feels like. I have tried evrythng to change their nothng cant chage their behaviour, you cant change them.only one thng u can do is to adjust wid it..nd go ahead fr ur future.nd try to be a self dependnt grl. Nd nw ths is my dream too. Nd thn i want to live my life in my own way....

I know what you are experiencing. My ma does not respect me. She calls me fat and a dumb a. I am 14 and I don't even have my grandma. She hates me. I am sorry.

I'm deeply sorry for what you've went through as a child... I've spent most of my child hood with my grandparents as well. My mother at me young so she always has gone out with her friends. When she told me stories about when I was a baby I felt loved and cared for. When I was 10 my mom had my baby brother and at first we were equal and though I just never really cared. I'm 16 years old now, I'm in sports so I have gained muscle. And muscle weight, weighs more then fat weight. Everyday my mother and step father yell at me about how I'm 188lbs I can't help it. I've been dieting for a year now and only lost 7 pounds. After reading your story it broke my heart and I just have to tell you how I feel about my own mother. My mom is about 230lbs... Everybody even my coach says I look 160lbs which makes me happy. Even though I have many kids in school who hate me, my coaches and close friends are what keeps a smile on my face everyday. When I get home the smile goes away, I walk pass my parents and we don't even glance at each other. She only talks to me when I need to get yelled at. I stay in my room most of the time unless I'm hungry or I need to use the restroom. I refuse to spend any time with them, because I don't consider them my family. Me and my stepdad are always getting into fist fights and my mother breaks it up only to agree with my stepdad on how I'm a ***** and I need to lose weight. I try to tell her all things I've done so I can get a good job Cass, or way to go keep working at it. But no, all I get is a...okay? At times I feel alone so I call up my aunt in jersey. I truly feel like she's the only one who cares about my sports and goals. My mom says I'm not smart or beautiful without makeup on. She never notices I'm losing weight until I tell her. And now we get to my brother. Brother has a mild case of Aspergers. So he is very smart. Smarter then me, (going onto my senior year of high school) he cry whenever he wants something of mine and my mom makes me give it to him. I treat him like a normal brother I look out for him because I know well I like to believe that he loves me as much as I love him. But somehow he pins his problems on me and I get yelled at. Like where's his iPad! Stop annoying him, go in your room and stop being a *****! Which most of the time he whines because I want my charger back and he uses it for his iPad. One day I opened the fridge door and hit him. My mom close the door pushed me out the way grabbing him calling me a fat-*** and how I don't need to be eating. I barley eat dinner or breakfast anymore, I don't ever eat lunch either. I drink a lot of water, so at least I'm doing something right. When my parents gang up on me, my little brother joins in. And I'm alone getting names called, being emotionally abused by everyone I depend on. I'm 16 but mentally at times I feel stuck in 5th grade because I crave the love my brother get from my mom. Today walking out my room I see my mom hugging and kissing my little brother and my stepdad laughing. When I walk out there they look at me and ask me when I'm going to lose weight that I won't be able to do my sports because I'm so over weight. Trying to leave them my stepdad starts onking at me like a pig, calling me a fat pig and that I should have went down the drain or been swallowed. I try to shake it off and act like nothing has happen. I go on imvu and it's the one place I feel myself like nothing can hurt me and if they do I boot them out my room. After a while my head began to hurt from crying so much day after day. At this point I've been having killing myself but then I think no that's stupid. I've been having thoughts I don't want to do! And just like you I've wanted to run away I even printed out a letter I was going to give my parents the night of me leaving. I don't know maybe I'm complaining to much. And I'm sorry about what happen to you at least your better with your grandmother now.

Sweetheart what you describe here is called abuse. I am so sorry the adults in your house behave like a bunch a jackals! Shame on them for being so rotten to you! Is there someone you can trust at school you can tell?

I pasted some info and a hotline number below for you:

What Does An Abusive Relationship Look Like?
Does your partner/family member/parent ever….

> Embarrass you with put-downs?
> Control what you do, who you see or talk to or where you go?
> Look at you or act in ways that scare you?
> Push you, slap you, choke you or hit you?
> Stop you from seeing your friends or family members?
> Control the money in the relationship? Take your money or Social Security check, make you ask for money or refuse to give you money?
> Make all of the decisions?
> Tell you that you’re a bad parent or threaten to take away your children?
> Prevent you from working or attending school?
> Act like the abuse is no big deal, deny the abuse or tell you it’s your own fault?
> Destroy your property or threaten to kill your pets?
> Intimidate you with guns, knives or other weapons?
> Attempt to force you to drop criminal charges?
> Threaten to commit suicide, or threaten to kill you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, you may be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. In this section, you’ll find all sorts of information on different forms of abuse. Don’t hesitate to chat or call us (1-800-799-SAFE) if anything you read raises a red flag about your own relationship or that of someone you know.

We’re here to help.

I have a twinso i kno w whats its like my mum and dad always ask me to jobs but never him when i say something to him i got told of but when he calls me names he doesn't and i spend a lot of time with my grandma like you. I'm 10 btw.

Iam also a girl n am reading this in my phone in a dark conor of the room wid a pillow shoved in my mouth so no one can hear me mom didn't cook dinner so i told her to buy.afta buying she gave all the good stuff to my stupid brother n one small piece to me though Iam more skinny n weak n time i fainted in school n my brother made fun of me which hurts n when I told my mom she said i deserved it.I hate my mom,my dad always loves money n buys expensive toys for grandma hates me cos Iam my fathers other grandma favours my big brother cos he's little brother gets things cos hes young n my big brother cos he's older n mature,then Wat am i?????????

So sorry to hear. I am in my 40s but my mom loves my brother more. It's crazy but don't take it personally. It's not your fault it's hers. Some women live in a world where they think women are crap and men are everything. Times are changing but their minds wont. I hope you believe in yourself enough as an adult to go after what you want. Best of luck.

I'm 31 and grew up in an identical situation. It really hurts deep down to your core because people should love their children no matter what sex they are. The problem is your mother was brought up in a society where boys are more highly regarded and girls are treated like cats, a burden and easily replaceable. It is hard to do, but for your own sanity, you have to write her off and find a mother type who is interested in you and who will guide you when you need it. My dad died when I was 16 and my mom kicked me out of my house shortly thereafter, 3 years later I made the mistake of going back to her to help her out of an abusive relationship, and for the next 10 years she ruined me with her conditional love and acceptance. It is a cruel existence desiring a relationship with someone who only accepts you and treats you well when it is convenient for them, and it ruins your relationship with all authority figures because you can't ever trust them even if they deserve your trust and will treat you well. I am damaged goods, but hopefully you can make a break now and salvage what's left of your formative years...

I feel as if nobody will ever love me as they love my sibling, too.
My mom, unlike yours, cares for me.
My dad is a gambler and he does not live with us. To be honest, I don't even remember how he looks like.
Either way, they both seem to love my sister than they love me.
My mom tells me that my sister is prettier than me, and hates it when other people tell her that I look like her.
My dad also tells me that my sister has all the looks in our family, and denys it when others tell him that I look like him.
My mom compares me with my sister all the time. She gives goodnight kisses to her and hugs her about a million time per day.
If my sister starts crying, she would hit me without hearing an explanation, and there is a difference in her voice when she is talking to me and my sister.
She gives full attention to my sister, but she barely recognizes my existance. She would always blame me for my sister's wrong doings, and tells me to be more like her.
She tells me to go back to my dad all the time, and tells me that she doesn't know what she did to deserve a daughter like me.
I got kicked out of the house about twenty times, and I tried running away twice as much.
I feel miserable every day.
She would never know how much I cried under the bedcovers- silent tears would fall.
I don't know who to tell my feelings to. I just feel alone and unwanted and helpless.
I always thought of suicide since nobody really cared about me. My death would not effect anybody.
Bu again, I don't want to make the wrong decision
I just want to be loved equally.
I don't think it's a selfish, rash wish, and if it is, I apologize for thinking so selfishly, but I just want someone to love me like they love my sister.
Is it too much to ask?

Your parents suck. No getting around it. Accept that they are lower life forms who should never have had children and find love and support from healthy individuals who do not put the sum of a person's worth in their outward appearance.

I so agree. hugs and best wishes to you knitted.
If you need a safe person to talk to call anytime day or night
1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

I'm so sorry. You can always call the police but if they don't believe try and stay with some relatives. If these don't work try and manage your feelings and be strong. You will be okay.

Same Situation, My grandma raised me for twelve years I never lived with my mom because she was always busy and she never had time to play with me or take me out, than my parents got divorced and now I have stepdad and halfbrothers. My mom spoils them more than me and spend time with them, now I'm living with her but only thing she talks about with me is studying, she never asks how i feel and If I got A - she will ground me. that's why i never tell her any grade. I also have 5 tutor and have no time for myself. Oh and my mom is famous now and she always posts my brothers pictures and stuff like that when they have birthdays she writes long post how much she loves them and when i had birthday she only wrote happy birthday and nothing else. Everyone likes my brothers more, her friends too. No one notices me but My Grandparents and father are always here for me. Sorry I had to post this, Stay strong I'm with you.

i am kind of like you my brother was born and i had a feeling it was not good every morning he would cry and my mom and dad takes care of him and always tell me that "hey do this do that"i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for you i wish days like that will turn lucky for you

I am so sorry your mom does that. My mom has spent a boring 4 days with me in the past 3 months and she cares so much about my brothers ba<x>seball than my softball I am 13 he is 9 what should i do?

Stop looking to your mom for approval. She is ill equipped as a mother and will disappoint you for the rest of your life. If you let her be your barometer for how loved you are, you will expect less than you deserve and will settle for unsatisfactory and shallow relationships. Are you playing Softball because you want her attention or do you like playing softball because you like it? Do what's best for you and the rest will work itself out...

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How could you do this to that poor kid, Kelsea? Even if I know you mean well?! As for you, I know what it's like to have parent(s) who play favorites and who prefer one kid over another. I'm in the same boat and my parents love my older brother more than me, so you're not alone. I'm glad your grandma is with you now because she's so sweet for doing that. My uncle and my grandparents have often been there for me.

Honey, my kids felt like you did to, my son was the baby and my two girls had to understand that it wasn't that i loved him more. babies need care 24/7. But i do hear the hurt in your voice, and i'm sorry your mother did things like that to you. It must of been very hard. Remember your better than that , and that you are valuable and your feelings matter. Don't let her dysfunctional parenting depress you, that's her problem not yours. Don't own her bs, accept the fact that it happened, but don't claim it. It took a lot of courage to tell us this, i think you have what it takes to put it away from you as well. Be your own best friend, love yourself in spite of her foolishness.

Sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you get to live with your grandma. your mom is just broken & you cant fix her. that's not your fault, she is just not right. parents should love children unconditionally. hope things keep getting better for you, be kind to your self.

That's awful of your mom, and it sounds like abuse. I know of a book in which a family had five boys and the mother abused one and loved the others, and this is similar. I know the kind of treatment you received is wrong and a parent should love all of their children. Because you're a girl and your sibling is a boy, I wonder if your mom just favors boys to girls in general. Still, remember that you're worthy as a person, and not worthless, and I'm sure you're good and not deserving of that kind of treatment. I'm glad you have your friends at school and your grandma and that you live with your grandma instead of your mom.