My Mom Is Starting To Hate Me

i live with my mom and her bf im depressed taking tablets not doing any good really.i have epilepsy i taking loads of tablets
but the fits are still happenning 3-4 times a month,ironic as i write this my old ladys birthday is tomorrow she is 62.
i have a younger brother he is 32 he lives about 50 miles away, he left home about 10 years ago to set up house with his gf
they had a child who is 8 this year.but sadly 2 years ago his relationship ended.
i dont have many friends and dont have much of a social life hence EP.i lost my job about 18 months ago and my mom said i have just
sunk without trace.shes frustrated when i have the seizures in front of her but i cant help it.i have been having seizures since 2002.
she says my life is rotting away because i dont want to do anything with it.i admit i have got lazy and got in a rut i dont have a life.
she says im a failure to her. all my old friends have settled down and got kids like my family. she tells me to get a life before i ....
i not had much luck with women i dont have a lot of confidence im not good socially is she right in what she is saying? and yes im 40
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Go to my website I will get you connected to a mom who you can talk to and she will give advice and she will help you with this situation. We all need a moms influence in our life. This is a free service for you.

You have no control over your condition, so don't feel bad my friend. I know a way you can stop them from happening but you have to have an open mind. I use to seizure hard until i followed a doctors order, which I've never tried before. I haven't had a seizure in 14 yrs and counting! No memory problems. I don't know what the laws are where you live, but it wouldn't hurt to see if you cant get a medical marijuana card. It slows down the brain waves, and keeps them from mis firing causing seizures. A little bit each day is all you need. I'm here for you, and i care. I believe what god made surpasses mans so called intellect.

To my dear friend I am so sorry about your life please stop putting yourself down I am your friend and if you have anything you want to talk about please message me and let me know so we can talk about it. I like helping people and if I can I will so message me later so we can talk about this...I will be on most of the day so please write to me..Your friend..Antonia

Its tough that your mum openly calls you a "failure"...<br />
Even if she is right... no one knows this more than you do... and you don't need that kind of "encouragement" from your mother...<br />
I'm similar to you in that my whole life is kind of a huge rut...(and I don't even have epilepsy as an excuse)... <br />
I do have a slight leg up on you in that I'm married with kids... and if not for this buffer...<br />
I would surely be in the same position as you are now...<br />
I have only one thought for you.... (that which plagues my existence)...<br />
That is.... the prospect of your life (the whole thing) being one huge write off!<br />
i.e if at the finish of your life you have expended the whole thing in an "impotent" state wallowing in self pity, depressed, defeated and with out a shred of initiative...<br />
<br />
That would be the worst case scenario...<br />
My advice to myself (and by extension you also) is to achieve something in your life.... <br />
and it does not matter what it is... there has to be something (1 achievement) you can be proud of... with out some pride in yourself....<br />
your self destruction will be complete....