I Don't Understand, Yes Or No?

Well… im 12 and half of my life i had the unconditional love of a mother but, once i turned 7 my mom totally changed she started being very abusive verbally physically and emotionally.
I remember one day i was gettin ready for skool i was 7(first grade)
And out of no where she got really mad and started yellin @ me for the littlest things.
Then out of nowhere she gripped me up n threw me into a dresser (painful)
Also in my whole life she has choked and picked me up by my neck 5 times.
Also at least once a day she calls me stupid or calls me a ***** or little piece of **** i have no confidence in myself
She also turned my brother against theyll have movie night and not invite me ill b in at the table all alone eatin my dinner
Oh she also punches me in the back n arms even tho i have broken an arm b4 she has no compassion for that
She nice to everyone but me
And i just wanna kno
Do u love me?is this love?
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Same Goes Too Me.I Am 12 yrs.just a small tiny thing can start like warz

that is not love, your mother is an abuser, talk to an adult you trust at school and tell him about the abuse she gives, somehow should end.

Baby girl this is called abuse. It is not acceptable. period. ever. I have 7 kids every last one of them normal active pain in the butt kids. Growing up this place was full of them and their friends. (Once when the tornado sirens went off I counted 12 kids in my basement.)
I never screamed, yelled, hit, pinched, or excluded anyone.

There is nothing any of them could have done to deserve it and nothing got that Nothing you could do that deserves this treatment. Yes once an a while one went off the rails bad enough to get spanked. (I once caught one of my lil angels & the neighbors kid with air soft guns on the roof shooting at other kids) But I sincerely doubt that is the treatment you are referring to.

You can tell an adult you trust if there is one. A teacher, school nurse, a minister, or best a policeman ~ show the bruises. A policeman will document the bruises and likely remove you from the home. The others will get an investigation going with childrens services. This may take time. It may not get you removed, they might get your mom to stop hitting you, but they can not make her be nice.

You can tell a neighbor if you have one you trust. Please Do Not Give up you are a person of value. Just because you do not feel your mother values you does not change what you are worth. Gold is still gold even when someone puts the wrong price tag on it.

I thank you for being brave enough to share your story with all of us. That shows you are not lost. You are going to make it my dear. There is such a very short time left of your childhood. I Love Ya ~Mama Jenna

Thank you i love you 2

stay strong, keep your chin up kiddo. push through, you're an amazing person despite what your mom tells you or does to you. forget the negativity, you don't need it. surround yourself with positive people, ignore her insults. you can do it <3

Thank you for the kind words at least somebody cares