Evil Bitchhh

warning i have bad english and bad writing

ugh where do i start,,she thinks shes a good mom but she isn't.
i think she hates me because of my skin tone,she is light skin and i am brown,she always says that to bad she didnt had light skinned kids ..am like hello ofcouse your kids are going to be black if u made kids with a black mann duhhhh,
she called me ugly before (what good mom does that) she calls me evil and says that i must be satan,she just dont understand me ,,i am being bullied at school,i have allot of problem that she doesnt know about or stuff that i can tell her about because she may judge or just because i dont trust her.she doesnt believe in me that i can be someone in life she just doesnt care.
she complain way to much , she is just annoying.
she said that she wish i was never born and she wants my dead.
ugh i cant do this anymore ,when i have kids i never want to be an mother like her,she hurt my feelings everydayy,,,i mean i have problem at school and than come house to this???
i am so tired of this life she gave me.....ugh i want to diieee
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Someone can spend all his/her life without never descover the value and the beauty of what the existence give to him/her. I think, the continuity of everyone's live is base on reconciliation, accommodation and compromises with the society, even with the nature. To reach to all these virtues, one should work to keep a pure heart founded on the acceptance of the existence's realities, the love for the changeability of the human's behaviour (which makes the human beings to last till today!) and the "love" for the life's difficulties which makes someone to be update according to the development and complexity of our societies/nature. Always show peace and love to war and hatred because their union would promise a wise tomorrow, a nice story to tell to your " real" friends and children. Personally, I lived some troubles and I'm still living new ones! (in fact, today I believe the life has been made that way!) and I work to keep in my mind the worry for the well being of fellow man because I'm sure my existence is likely a result of such attitude! ;)

Is your mother white?

If I were in your shoes, the next time my mother said something about my skin tone, I'd shoot back with "well, you wouldn't have dark kids if you weren't a n!gger lover."

Watch the shock hit her and just walk out of the room before she can reply.

she is not white like european white she is more like sean paul type of white. and yh i told her that is she didn't want dark skin children she shouldn't have had kids with a dark man but she didn't care.

nah...gotta use stronger words..."dark man" isn't strong enough...if u don't wanna use "n!gger lover" say somethin like "ah, so u just wanted some big dark meat and didn't think of the consequence"

Just try to find something to ease your mind ( exercise, sports, join a club, volunteer...) And just grow up to be a wonderful human being because no one can define you by words, only your actions define who you are.