She always tells me I should have been aborted, I'm the reason her relationships never work, I'm the reason she beats me, I'm stupid and will always be a failure, I'm lazy, I'm irresponsible, I'm too sensitive, I alienate myself, I'll end up doing drugs and having kids to men I don't know, I'll be a dead beat just like my father. Her boyfriend tells me I'm his little black girl and treats me like I'm an obligation, he makes me do everything and tells my mom to " Discipline " me when I don't, sometimes he does it himself. His son calls me a ******, his eldest daughter only talks to me when she wants me to do something, His second oldest always asks me what I did with the watermelon...I don't even like watermelon. His youngest daughter only talks to me because she likes to brag about having a diverse family and a black step-sister. I think I hate her the most. My half-sister tells me I can't ride in the front of the van with them because i'm colored. She's five. My mom just let's them say whatever the want. They like to go on family outings and don't invite me because the pictures will be weird with a random black kid. I think my mom hates me because I'm colored. She can't have her perfect family with the picket fence. I didn't ask to born. Sometimes I wish I wasn't, but most of the time I wish I was born white. Other times I just wish she could see me and not my skin.
BlissfullyBroken BlissfullyBroken
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014