She has been criticising me ever since I gained weight. I never heard any nice words from me, it's like she hates me for being fat and doing something about it. Now that I've been working out, she always sees me and say negative things about me. Like why do I keep on eating when I even told her that it's part of my diet meal plan. She always nags why am I always in the kitchen, she just never understands. Atleast I cook unlike her she never cooks for the entire family, if she cooks something it'll be a disaster and it's not even edible. I hate her the time when she told my dad that to leave me alone and let me be late at work. And today that I skipped working out because I can't go for having my period and cramps, she said nothing nice at all.

I'm never close with my mom because she is a selfish person. Idk if it's the hormones I understand but **** it, I have sensitive feelings.

I feel like I'm back on my teenage rebellious stage against my mom. It feels like I'm never going to be a good daughter for her. 😒
Trishhh Trishhh
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Don't sweat it, she don't want to see you reach your goal...stick with it. Do it for yourself that way no one but yourself can take it away from you..