i am not sure but i have a step sister and my mother makes me bade her feed her sleep with her i basically do everything for her till she starts calling me ma and my mother by her name. today she calling me i was very sick got a bad ear infection and spread my body. i feel asleep and she kept calling me i didnt hear her when i went outside, she was angry i asked her where is her keys and she said she dont have it. go for mine my sister threw down my keys and i could not kind it at the moment she real qurell with me and i open another door for her. she made me make my sister tea knowing i was sick. i dont know what to do i have to pay for exams over 20k i feel helpless. i have my sister to see a mother if i cant do as she says she gets mad and insult me and tell me things. as sick as i am i have to do what she says there is no resting.
cubbycake cubbycake
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014