My Moms Are Awesome Or, Atlesat They Were

Both my moms are dead. my first mum died when I was 13 . She was brilliant and beautiful and sweet and hugging and a great hugger. At the time she died I would gladly have died for her because I didn't want to live in a dangerous world without her. She was really pretty and loving and a great dinner and cake baker. She was really generous and kind hearted to everone but especially to us her kids. I really miss her.
(15.10.11. I don't remember writing that. I must have been drunk at the times because the spelling was terrible. I've corrected it now. I guess it was true...everyone says so....I don't remember...I have trouble remembering those times....the empty painful lonely, heavy  bent over in spiritual and physical pains)
My other Mum, my father's sister looked out for me and more or less took me in after my mum died. Not rwally took me in but was there and available to me in a physical sense.
Gradually she, and her husband, my uncle by marriage became like....just the best parents I could wish for. The interesting thing is that their children remember terrible childhoods but i remember being taken care of and having a safe place to go. I did feel like a second class citizen in the4ir house but it was infinitely better than in my own. My uncle was super super super nice and intelligent man. My aunt was initially distant but available but eventually we became very very close as I did with my uncle too.
My aunt was like a second mum to me  and I will love her forever because she was there for me when no one else was.
Both she and her husband, my uncle, are dead now and I miss them every day.
MorphAble MorphAble
41-45, M
Jan 27, 2011