That's My Mom

That's my mom pushing me out to the world
Where all of the lessons of life will be learned
That's the great lady who taught me to fight and
work very hard for all good things are earned
That's my mom teaching me to stay clean and
if I need a shoulder I have hers to lean
This special woman is the one who can tell if
I'm going to heaven or going to hell
This fine lady has put up with me and
all of my bullshit through the years my spree
When everyone else has left me high and dry
I remember that's my mom and my love for her will never die!
Spitbak Spitbak
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 18, 2011

Ahwww this is so sweet. Your mom sounds like an amazing mom. Great tribute to her :)

My one and only and she's my dad too,hahaha!!!Thank you!!!