Perfect Mom

I love my mom, she is my best friend no doubt, i can talk about anything with her, she is so comprehensive, not like those mothers who say "did you do that?" "are you crazy?" "you can consider yourself grounded with no phone and no computer" i think this is so bad for the mother-daughter relationship, this makes the next time her daughter don't talk about "this or that" with her mom.
When i start to think i think "wow i'm so lucky to have a mother like that" and other times i feel sad if not reciprocate as i should :(
But i think that i'm doing a good job, our relationship is the best, couldn't ask for better :D
She is that person I call when I feel alone, is that person who always know well a hug or a cuddle, is who encourages me, who gives me a home, who supports me and helps me grow and deal with problems, she is everything in just one person :$

When i grow up i want be like my mom <3

(Sorry if the english is not completely correct, I have avoided writing, this is the first time :$ I'm Portuguese :$)
MaSarah MaSarah
13-15, F
Jan 13, 2013